Giraffe Retractable Air-Hose-Reel with 3/8 in. x 50 Ft Hybrid Air Hose, Wall Mounted, 300PSI Heavy Duty Reel



Polypropylene cased air hose reel, 3/8i x 50ft hybrid air hose, 1/4in. MNPT brass fittings, plastic stopper. 

Lightweight and durable 

Giraffe Tools enclosed high-impact polypropylene case is crack resistant and protects the hose for durability and a long life. The reel is more lightweight than steel reels.

180° Swivel and hose lock

Auto rewind with a ratchet to lock hose at the desired length and adjustable guide 

Strong rewind spring

The full flow solid swivel joint ensures smooth, uninterrupted fluid flow. The multi-position release ratchet spring is fully enclosed.

Hose guide

The hose is guided by four non-snag rollers that guide retraction and reduce abrasion and wear on the hose. The hybrid polymer hose has no memory and helps eliminate kinks


All Giraffe Tools product parts are ISO 9001 certified, CE, etc, and are quality tested and approved. Quality control tests check products for spring endurance and swivel leakages.