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The pioneering innovation with wall-mounted design and auto-retract system redefines the convenience of pressure washers. Revolutionize your cleaning routine from access, use, and storage. Make one-stop cleaning effortlessly, anytime and anywhere.

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Universal Motor

Universal Motor

Universal Motor

Induction Motor

Induction Motor 副本

SiMn Metal Spring with 3000 cycles lifetime

(in lab)

Induction Motor 副本

SiMn Metal Spring with 3000 cycles lifetime

(in lab)

Induction Motor 副本

SiMn Metal Spring with 3000 cycles lifetime

(in lab)

Induction Motor 副本 2

SofPTY Golden Spring with 8000 cycles lifetime

(in lab)

Ultra-Soft High-Pressure Hose 副本

Irreplaceable Ordinary High-Pressure Hose

Ultra-Soft High-Pressure Hose

Irreplaceable Ultra-Soft High-Pressure Hose

Ultra-Soft High-Pressure Hose

Replaceable Ultra-Soft High-Pressure Hose

Ultra-Soft High-Pressure Hose

Replaceable Ultra-Soft High-Pressure Hose









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Giraffe Tools Grandfalls Wall Mounted Pressure Washer Pro

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How To Install POWERFUL Wall Mount Pressure Washer With 100FT Of Hose! - 2200 PSI

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For those of you that like to detail your own car at home and want something that's clean and easy to use.


Truck Mounted Pressure Washer | Giraffe Tools Grandfalls Pressure Washer

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Frequently Asked Questions

The abbreviation “PSI” stands for pounds per square inch. It simply refers to the amount of pressure used to clean a surface.

PSI will vary depending on the pressure washer and the task at hand. For example, an electric pressure washer that you can use at home may reach around 1,000PSI; on the other hand, a heavy-duty pressure washer that is more suitable for industrial use can go up to 3,500PSI, or even higher.

If your tasks are focused on domestic tasks that consist of cleaning your roof, walls, patios, sidewalks, and some other activities such as washing your car; a pressure washer with a PSI of 2200 will be ideal. If you are cleaning tough graffiti and stains, you may need a higher PSI.

The best option will depend on your needs.

The Giraffe Tools' Grandfalls Pressure Washer is a wall-mounted pressure washer, that combines a hose and a pressure washer! The hose is equipped with an automatic retraction system and a guide system. It can retract easily and automatically with a gentle tug. This all-in-one unit is always ready to use, just by pulling out the hose you can begin your cleaning work.

Our Grandfalls Pressure Washer has the ideal pressure for domestic tasks due to its amazing PSI of up to 2500, which will ease your tasks without damaging your car and your house!

How To?

The silver end is connected to the water inlet of the machine, and the black end is connected to the water inlet hose. First, install the black end to the water inlet hose and use a wrench to tighten it, and then connect the silver end to the pressure washer.

First, the correct installation of the water inlet adapter. Second, control the water inlet pressure of less than 0.8mpa(116psi).

First, turn on the power, and use a pressure regulator to check the water inlet pressure. We recommend keeping the inlet pressure less than 0.8MPA, equal to 116PSI, after checking and adjusting, please turn on the button again to see the motor work.

More Details

The G30 and the Plus model of the Grandfalls pressure washer's pressure hose can not be replaced.

The retractable pressure hose is 100FT long and when the water comes out of the water outlet, the pressure will be affected to some extent, but it will not affect the normal pressure of the pressure washer.

Grandfalls Pressure Washers can be mounted on an outdoor wall and are very easy to disassemble. However, we recommend disassembling them and placing them indoors during winter to prolong the life of the product.

Must be the cold water supply only, as hot water will overheat and damage the pump. A hot water pressure washer utilizes a separate boiler to heat the water with kerosene or diesel. The internal components are built to withstand high heat. This is a residential-style cold water pressure washer, not designed for commercial use.

Why should you purchase a Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer?

Pressure Washers are one of the leading cleaning tools in many countries! Not just for your car, but it also helps to remove dirt, and tough stains, clean decks, lanes, patios, outdoor furniture, wood decks, driveways, gardens, and house siding, patio furniture, thus keeping the entire house spick and span.

However, to enjoy these benefits, extremely robust, large, and cumbersome tools were needed... Until we decided to solve this problem by launching our line of Giraffe Tools Pressure Washers.

There are plenty of pressure washer brands, but Giraffe Tools is a brand you can rely on at a nice price! Our merchandise is convenient, eminently versatile, and comes pre-assembled from the facility. We seek to innovate washers that fit everyone's needs, especially starters.

Take a look at the reasons why you must purchase one of our electric pressure washers:


Hassle-free Installation

Installing a pressure washer of our brand is a no-brainer since it comes pre-assembled from the warehouse. Just install the pressure washer easily on a brick/concrete wall. The brand offers a wide range of power washers with different psi, and wall-mounted ones are the most popular.

The reel comes attached to the main machine body, saving you at least 30 minutes assembling it compared to other rival commodities. The most important point is that it is an all-in-one unit carry with all the accessories even with a detergent cannon. You don't have to waste money to purchase the other accessories or detergent tank.

All you need to do is install the main body on the metope utilizing the provided tool, and you are good to go. Also, the detailed instruction manual is there to assist you throughout the machines installation process.

Promising Durability

A pressure washer has to withstand a lot, including the splashes of water, exposure to dust and debris, and even the drag when you pull the hose out of the reel.

Fortunately, our innovative products are designed to bear it all. The extremely durable body consists of aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy cavity construction, reducing overall weight while beefing up itself.

Additionally, the G-self-layering technique uses the leading ceramics technology with minimal care and maintenance for a prolonged lifespan.

Safety at Its Best

The Giraffe Tools merchandise come equipped with a TSS (total stop system) that plays a role in synergy with the pump and safeguards it from damage.

When the trigger isn't engaged, the engine shuts off the pump to protect it from damages caused due to immense force built up inside it.

This, as a result, saves a lot of energy, so your pressure washing(like fences and concrete wash)won't cost you an arm and a leg.

2-year Warranty

Usually, most peer brands offer a 1-year warranty on their products, and you will find that you need to pay more to acquire a warranty extension. But with our brand, you gain a 2-year warranty covering every type of manufacturing defect. You don't have to spend money to fix it yourself or go to a store to fix it.

Moreover, the vital service network across the United States makes it easier to quickly receive complaints and get resolutions. Just join our official web site and you could maintain/access to your 2-year warranty!

Large Hose Radius

The large radius for hoses makes our brand a better option for homeowners. Most giraffe tools cleaner models, including the Grandfalls, come with a 100- feet long hose, so you can easily cover the last corner of your backyard without the demands of any hose extensions.

Furthermore, the self-layering system wraps up the hose automatically. Try this expeditious design yourself, and you may have a wonderful experience you could never dream of.

The efficient pumps that we use save a lot of energy, keeping the electricity bills under control. The TSS system shuts off the pump automatically when you release the trigger.

Uninterrupted High Pressure

A pressure washer of our brand can produce up to 2200 PSI of power to dispense 1.3 GPM of water per minute. The high pressure washers hoses make this model suitable for scouring motor vehicles, yards, decrepit storage, clinging dust, stubborn stains, etc.

Moreover, our devising enables the device to draw less consumption while maintaining optimal performance. Thanks to the pure copper relief valve that dramatically enhances the inlet suction.

Additionally, the four-stage pump machine structure has a longer I-shaped straight cavity, so no obstacle hinders flow.

Space saving design

Since it's a wall-mounted system, the operational process doesn't take up ground area leaving enough place for you to fit other gardening equipment and machine in the area.

With its 2-in-1 design, the P106-G30 offers unrivaled convenience and unmatched performance. The heavy-duty pump can offer 2200 Pounds/square inch of pressure to clean even the toughest dirt and tough stains in one blow.

The ergonomic gun has a large trigger, letting you do cleaning jobs quickly without any hand fatigue. Lastly, the Grandfalls model has a measured 100-feet long pressure washer hose enhancing its coverage and making it an excellent fit for residence of any size.

Flexible Dismountable Bracket Design

Unlike the hand-carried design, the P106-G30 can be fixed on the wall with just a bracket and some screws. This solves any stability issues from handling the heavy and bulky motor used to generate up.

Meanwhile, it is also a time-saver because assembly before every use is unnecessary if the Grandfalls is wall-mounted. This original design also helps save space by positioning the machine securely, serving as its storage area. And you can change it to a different place as needed.


Grandfalls pressure washers

The Grandfalls pressure washer is of the most convenient and dynamic allotment implements that fit every household from small to large.

With its reachable large areas and automatic rotating seal, the washer eliminates the hassles and makes swilling your room or dwelling an easy chore.

Portable Pressure Washer

A handy pressure cleaner that can be set up and used anywhere. The multi- mode nozzle lets you switch between three spray nozzles to achieve a potent stream or comprehensive coverage

The compact design lets you stash it in your trunk, and the portable option also occupy minimum space. This version is compatible with a regular Giraffe Tools ergonomic handgun and can easily be powered from the vehicle's battery.

Electric Pressure Washer

A compelling pressure washer with three nozzles and a compact design allows pressure washing easy.

The large wheels make it convenient to take the apparatus everywhere you go. In addition, the bigger control dial onboard lets you adjust the tool on the go.

Giraffe Tools offers these pressure washers in multiple sizes, 2200 PSI and great GPM being the most popular with nice price.


The Giraffe Tools pressure washer machine offers everything you need when washing the vehicle, refreshing the garden/deck job, or at an affordable price for any other washing job.

A wide range of model is offered with varying pressure/psi, detergent tanks, portability, retractable pressure washer hoses, various nozzle, and great after sale contact services. Due diligence must be in order before spending your hard-earned money on pressure washers.

As a result, If you're looking for some machine easy to use, lasts longer, and lets you clean dust and dirt quickly, look no further - we can't wait to help you find the best pressure washer that fits all your needs and budget!

It comes down to these 4 steps:

Home or pro-use? You either want to shop a home-use machine for occasional use or purchase a professional-use machine for everyday use. That decision quickly divides the group into different price ranges – less than $1,000 and more.

How much cleaning power? You either want: light duty pressure washers for patio furniture, bbq grills and other small jobs like wheelie garbage bins; medium duty machine for patios, small driveways and decks; or, heavy duty pressure washers for large jobs like pressure washing semi-trucks with tough stains, large parking lots and restaurant drive-thrus.

Gas or electric? Gas is more affordable power. Electric is more quiet, less maintenance and can use indoors.

Brand preference? Most pressure washers has universal motors. This is the point to think about what brand you want to support. Maybe you could search these brands, browse and sign in their official web site/online store/shop and social media account, know more about their services for after sales and get contact in them for more details.

Gas pressure washers are more powerful and have more cleaning power than most electric power washer, which makes them more suitable for commercial and some heavy duty tasks. And the benefit of the electric models is that the upfront cost is lower and for some cleaning jobs there is little additional maintenance required.

Advantages of gas pressure washer

More powerful than comparable electric models (vs lower psi electric pressure washer)

Smaller models are completely mobile

Made of more durable, heavy duty parts

Drawbacks of gas powered pressure washer

Louder than comparable electric powered pressure washer

Cannot be used indoors or in enclosed spaces

Longer jobs require reserve fuel

Main advantage of electric powered pressure washer

Require less maintenance than gas pressure washers

Never run out of fuel

Can be used indoors or in enclosed room

Drawbacks of electric pressure washers

Typically cost more than comparable gas powered pressure washers

Tethered to electrical outlets

The general rule in cleaning is colder water cleans, hot water cleans better. This rule is true for different psi pressure washers, but the job matters most. Unit cost is a factor. Consider intended purpose!

Hot water pressure washers excel at cleaning grease, washing away oils, disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces and de-icing facades.

Cold water pressure washer is ideal for stripping and removing paint, dirt and mildew as well as cleaning sidewalks and refreshing surfaces.

Once particles set, getting rid of them using brute force can leave your car's surface damaged, which is why pre-washing using foam is important as it ensures that such dirt is loosened so that it does not cause any harm to your automobile's paint work during the wash. Just connect the detergent tank and with appropriate psi of our pressure washer, you could remove dirt and other things easily from your vehicles.

Pressure ratings must match your pressure washer's output.

Attachments and spray gun should be designated for hot water use (if applicable). Smaller nozzle/pressure washer spray angles deliver more power but can damage delicate surfaces when pressure wash.

FYI, you can also use surface cleaners in conjunction with gas or electric pressure washers. Surface cleaners of lighter duty pressure washers tend to operate in around the 2,000 PSI range. They're able to handle light-duty stains, decks, and other surfaces with high pressure washing without damaging them.

And power washing involves more potential danger than using a garden hose. This is true of most power tools. People should only use this equipment if they have the right expertise and protective gear.

More info just head to our specific product links in our online store, shop it now!