New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools
New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools
New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools
New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools
New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools
New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools
New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools
New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools
New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft - Giraffe Tools

New Hybrid Garden Hose 10ft-100ft

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The Giraffe Tools New Hybrid Garden Hose is better quality, lighter weight, and easier to use. A variety of specialization lengths fulfill your need to have an efficient and effective outdoor tool.

  • Premium Quality: Combined with 2 layers of lightweight hybrid and 1 layer of a bursting-resistant polyester mesh, the hose has been tested rigorously to confirm burst strength, kink and abrasion resistance, leakproof seal, and connection strength. Flexible water hose supports 150 psi working pressure.
  • All-weather Flexible: This heavy-duty garden hose can resist wide-range outside temperatures from 40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, suitable for all seasons.
  • Easy Manipulation: Equipped with male & female 3/4" nickel plated brass Connectors with swivel grip, the hose can be connected to a faucet or hose reel easily. 29& lighter hybrid material helps you to coil and handle the hose with little effort.
  • Wide Application: Giraffe Tools garden hose is your universal choice not only for garden, yard, and lawn watering, but also for washing vehicles, house and livestock, and other household and professional purposes as well.
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Solid Brass Fittings

Solid brass fittings effectively prevent corrosion and wear for longer life. Male connection with protective sleeve effectively prevents tearing.

No Kink

The hybrid material is more durable, abrasion-resistant, and has no memory. The movable handgrip allows the hose to rotate naturally within the grip, also makes it easier to connect to a faucet/spigot or hose reel.

Leak Proof

Professional nickel-plated brass fittings prevent leaks and are crush resistant. Note that two ends are MALE and FEMALE connectors.

All-Weather Flexible

The rubber component allows the hose to remain flexible in extreme temperatures, defying heat or cold, still easy to coil and uncoil.

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Tested Tough

This garden hose has been tested rigorously to confirm burst strength, kink resistance, connection strength, and abrasion resistance.


Coils easily and has 150 psi Working Pressure. Recommended using at a residential water pressure.

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There is no pressure on the hose when the water is completely drained.

Dear, the Ends is 3/4in. MNPT.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is.

Hi, we suggest you can leave water in the hose when it's summer. You may need to drain the hose in winter to make the hose last longer.

This garden hose is made of hybrid. It is high quality and soft and it is like rubber a little. Besides, it is can be curled easily.

Yes, if the connect is 5/8, then it'll fit into the pressure washer.

Sure, the hose can work with our garden hose reel.

It can only be used for one faucet. If you want to connect to multiple faucets, you will need to purchase the connector you said.

It will not kink. If it really kink, you can contact our customer service, they will send a new hose to you for replacement.

Hello, the plastic hose end grips is hard to take it all down. You can try to use scissors to cut off the plastic hose end grips.

The diameter of the interior hole in the connectors is 5/8 inch.

No, it will not have moss after long outdoor enviorment.

Hello, the hose or drinking water is not safe. Please don't do such way.

This kind of garden hose is not suitable for hot water.

The hose work with normal garden hoses.

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Easy storage

The wall mount design uses space as economically as possible.


Every precaution has been taken to prevent leak.