Giraffe Tools Retractable Garage Vacuum
Giraffe Tools Retractable Garage Vacuum
Newest Launch | Vacuuming redefined

Retractable Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum with ease, store with breeze and effortlessly have it all in one.

Final Deals - Save $30

Save $30 on preorders from February through March 20, 2024.

$30 OFF
Retractable Vacuum Cleaner
Feb preorders ship on 3/20
  • Automatic Rewind, Neat Storage
  • Chic Wall-Mounted Style, Maximizing Space.
  • Ample 30FT Hose, Reach Every Corner
  • 6 Nozzles, Wet/Dry Versatility.
  • ≥20Kpa Powerful Motor For Strong Suction
  • Large Dustbin, HEPA & Sponge Dual Filters.
Sale price$319.99 Regular price$349.99
No Extra Setup, Always Prepared

Stylish and space-saving, the wall-mounted design facilitates every use. With a 30ft hose, effortlessly reach every corner -simply pull it out for instant use.

Wet/Dry Use, Versatile Clean

Equipped with 6 nozzles, effortlessly tackles wet and dry messes for a versatile and effective cleaning experience. One vacuum, multiple solutions.

Giraffe Tools Retractable Garage Vacuum
Giraffe Tools Retractable Garage Vacuum
Breezy Retraction, Automatically Tidy

You don't have to bend down and tidy up the messy hose after you finish cleaning. Simply give the hose a light pull and it will automatically arrange itself neatly.

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Retractable Vacuum Cleaner Pre-Order T&C:


  • $30 savings on preorders from February to March 20, 2024.


  • Preorders by Dec 15th, 2023 from the first phase will be shipped sequentially according to the order placement, starting on January 10, 2024.
  • Preorders placed From Dec 15th to Dec 31th, 2023 will be shipped starting from February 20th, 2024.
  • Preorders placed in January 2024 will be shipped starting from March 10, 2024.
  • Preorders placed in February 2024 will be shipped starting from March 20, 2024.


  • These discounts are automatically deducted from the regular prices, and you don't need to enter a discount code.
  • These discounts are only available on the Giraffe Tools official website (
  • When applying for a refund, orders placed during the Pre-Order Period will be refunded based on the actual amount paid.
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