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How do I Refer A Friend?
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Your friends get a 5% off discount code via your link.

Get Rewards

You will get $20 coupon rewards after your friend's first order is fulfilled.


You will receive a notification email for every purchase made through your referral link. This email will confirm your advocate reward balance and provide a link to your advocate reward balance page.

No, your advocate reward balance cannot be split. It must be redeemed in its entirety for a single purchase. Any remaining balance after redemption will initiate a new balance for subsequent purchases.

You can redeem your advocate reward once your friend's order is labeled as fulfilled. This ensures that the referral is completed before you receive your reward.

On your advocate reward balance page, you will find an option to redeem your reward. Simply follow the provided link in the notification email to access your balance page and redeem your reward.

Yes, you can share your unique referral link again after redeeming your advocate reward. Your advocate reward balance page will include the option to share your referral link, allowing you to continue referring new customers and earning rewards.