Retractables For Easy Cleaning

The newest innovation with 180° swivel bracket and proven tech of Grandfalls, expanding cleaning range easily.

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All-around upgrade with unique technology and stylish design for a professional cleaning experience.

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Retractables For Easy Watering
Retractable Garden Hose Reels - Giraffe ToolsRetractable Garden Hose Reels - Giraffe ToolsGarden Hose Reel - Giraffe Tools
Retractable Garden Hose Reels

Equipped with the world's leading auto-retract technology and various lengths of hose to meet specific requirements.

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Retractables For Pneumatic Tasks and Cord Management

Automatic cord management, tangle-free convenience. Enjoy an organized space and efficient cord storage.

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Combined with an flexible hybrid hose, and the automatic rewind system, resists pulling and impact forces without kinks.

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Discover How Retractables Streamline Daily Tasks

Retractables Offer Various Convenience

Labor Saving

Easy to access,use and store with a simple pull,eliminating the hassle of bending and kinking.