Giraffe Retractable Heavy Duty Garden Hose Reel 1/2” x 130 ft / 5/8” x 90 ft Wall Mounted with 180° Swivel Bracket

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Wall-mounted design

The wall mounted hose reel is a space-saver. Instead of occupying valuable yard or deck space, it can be fixed on the wall with just a bracket and some screws. Meanwhile, it is also a time-saver because assembly before every use is unnecessary if the garden hose reel is wall-mounted.

Lock at Any Length & Stable Retractable System

The Giraffe hose reel fits both the 90ft. or 130ft. hybrid hose. the reel can be adjusted to fit any length, covering your garden easily. Retract the hose by gently pulling it in the retractable hose reel. The unique retractable system can wind the hose neatly without the trouble of kinking.

High-grid water hose ensures abrasion-resistance

The purpose-made micro shield is abrasion-resistant, and the industrial-grade aluminum-coated copper joints are crush-resistant. The Garden water hose passed the 200PSI pressure test and the 600PSI bursting pressure test. Service life in family gardens will last several years.

High-Quality Polypropylene Casing and 180-degree Rotation Bracket

Self-winding hose reels have an intensified polypropylene casing that will not deform or fade due to sun or rain exposure. Solid 180-degree rotation support guarantees full coverage of your garden.

9-Mode Nozzle

Our garden hose reel nozzle has nine watering modes that can be easily switched.

Two different hoses

In order to meet different needs, the Giraffe retractable garden hose reel has two kinds of hose diameters, 1/2in. and 5/8in. For heavy watering jobs, you may need a longer watering hose with a diameter of 1/2in. On the contrary, the hose diameter of 5/8in. is suitable for a relatively shorter watering hose and lighter watering jobs.

Save time and energy

Combining all of the incomparable strengths and personalized designs, the Giraffe retractable garden hose reel aims to bring you convenience. An auto-rewind system, hose locker, 9-mode hose nozzle, and durability save both your time and energy.

Easy assembly:

Detailed installation instructions are included in the package. All you need to do is fix the Giraffe retractable garden hose reel to the wall and that’s it. If you have any problem, please directly contact Giraffe Tools consumer service.