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Ways to protect your garden in winter

With the arrival of different cold fronts, most cities have witnessed the arrival of the growing winter. For those who love gardening, it could seem like an extremely boring season. But is there really nothing to do with our garden in winter?
Of course not! In fact, this winter, we can also try to make the garden more colorful, or dedicate time and activities to prepare next year's garden through preventive activities that will bear fruit next spring.
Together we can explore different ideas for work to do in your own garden with the intention of obtaining wonderful results in the future that allow you to enjoy this amazing hobby more.
In today's content, we will address small things and ideas that you can do for your garden in winter.
What can be done for your garden for the coming year? Let's take a look!

1. Shaping and trimming

The green areas we usually see on the streets need to be regularly pruned to make them grow and look better. We should do the same with our own garden spaces so the flowers and plants are prettier and healthier.
Reshaping and pruning them in winter can not only create a beautiful tree shape but also increase their flowering in the coming spring. It should be noted that if the flowers and plants in the garden enter the withering period, the dead leaves and branches must be cleaned in time. It is also very important to reduce as much as possible the hiding places that allow the spread of pests and diseases because in this way we will prevent the appearance of flower and grass diseases in our garden.

2. Protection against cold and wind

Flowers and plants in the garden will need antifreeze treatment if the temperatures in your state are too low. They can be wrapped with straw rope or straw, sprayed with antifreeze, piled up with soil, or covered with decomposed soil, this will help the green plants to germinate early in the coming year.

3. Winter fertilizer

Winter fertilizer is the last fertilization during the growing season, which can allow the plants to store enough nutrients to withstand the cold winter of up to three months. It is recommended to use organic fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and other elements to improve the soil during the period from late September to mid-to-late October.

4. Water before freezing

It is very important to help our plants survive the winter safely. We can pour a lot of water before the ground freezes, known as “frozen water”, and store it thoroughly. Because according to the test results, when the moisture content in the plant body is less than 70% of the average value, they are likely to prevent frost damage. If you have drought-intolerant flowers, you should keep watering them in winter.

5. Upgrade your gardening tools

We will have significantly less gardening to do in winter so this is the perfect time to upgrade your gardening tools. A good idea would be to replace your messy water hose by buying a new retractable hose that makes the heavy watering job in the spring way easier.
In short, preparing the tools for the coming year in winter will be one of the best things to do for your garden so as to avoid being in a hurry when spring comes!


These were some ideas that we wanted to share with you as gardening fans! Why don't you take action now to make some preparations for the blooming of the garden next spring? We would love for you to take a look at all the specialized gardening products that we have for you, we are completely sure that they will make your day-to-day life easier and help you enjoy your gardening time even more.