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How to prepare your garden for spring?

We all love that season of the year when our garden comes to life to give rise to the most beautiful season for all garden lovers:Spring!
At this exciting time of the year; the ground starts to warm up and the trees begin to sprout. Before you realize it, half of winter is over and spring is coming.
Before we grow plants in our garden, there are many things we can do, proper preparation can ensure a nutritious harvest and avoid disappointment for new gardeners. Whether you're new to gardening or an expert, here are 5 tips to help you prepare for a successful growing season.


  1. Spring cleaning

The most important activity to start with our gardening activities is spring cleaning; It will allow us to have a white canvas to design our entire project, as well as being able to allow our new plants to have more nutrients after cleaning and decompressing the soil.
Remove the remaining weeds of the season so they do not compete for resources with the plants we want in our garden, adding mulch to bare areas can help suppress any new weeds that may emerge. Remember to keep a few centimeters away from the trunk when mulching around the roots to reduce the chance of trunk rot.
Likewise, clearing out gutters and areas where a lot of foliage gathers is a great way to declutter your garden and make sure the spring rains have somewhere to drain. Put the cleaned-up material in the compost to start reactivating the compost after winter. Repair any damaged planter boxes or edging, and inspect trellises and fencing. It is easier to fix these in winter because there is less new growth to address or disturb.


  1. Prune Time

Trim unwanted or dead branches from trees and shrubs once new growth begins. Not only will this tidy up the plants, but it will open them up, allowing more air to pass through the branches and helping to reduce the development of disease or pests. It is also the perfect time to prune roses just before they bud. Again, remove any dead or clogged branches and open up the inside. This time of year, your fruit trees should also get trimmed before they are fully developed and blooming.
Your plants also benefit from pruning at this time of year, trim and shape them so they don't get too cluttered and look neat.
  1. Clean Your Garden Tools

Clean your gardening tools so they're ready when it comes to dealing with the earth. Remove rust, sharpen the edges of shovels, trowels, and hoes, prep your watering tools, and wipe everything down. It's especially important to start the season with clean tools so you don't accidentally spread fungus or bug eggs into the garden. Regular maintenance of your garden tools will keep them productive and help them last longer.
  1. Setting Up a Composting System

If you haven't already, consider building a composting system for this upcoming season. Making your own compost is a great way to cut down on fertilizer costs; you can add kitchen scraps, gardening materials, and yard decorations to your compost pile. Choose a composting system that is appropriate for the amount of organic material you are adding. Smaller gardens might consider vermicomposting or tumbler-style bins, while larger gardens might consider a three-bin composting system.
  1. Early planting

Plant early spring vegetables, but remember to protect the seedlings from severe cold. Use items around the house, such as an overturned bucket or a large planter. Plant several vegetable varieties that ripen at different times to extend the harvest life. It will also be a great time to plant any spring bulbs. Soil conditions are also favorable for transplanting some existing shrubs, as the soil is usually moister, which helps the roots more easily spread out from the planting site and find nutrients.
Remember to use the last cool and wet months of winter to declutter and prep your garden so you can get the best harvest or yield.
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