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How to Prevent Kinks In Your Garden Hose

Watering your garden with a kinked hose can be frustrating, especially if you are racing against the clock. Sometimes a jerk will loosen the hose, but most of the time, you'll have to backtrack, find the kink, straighten it, and start over.
Hoses often get kinked because they roll when you maneuver them. These kinks can cause cracks and leaks, and block water flow, occasionally causing hoses to burst from faucet connections.
Using the correct method to avoid kinks will extend the life of your hose and make your watering job easier.
  1. Store hoses properly

A really helpful option is to keep your hose straight when you are not using it to water your garden, this way you will avoid kinks by not folding it. However, your garden hose may be too long; therefore, you have to be creative when storing it. For example, the hose can be stored using a hose reel, like Giraffe Tools’ which is equipped with an automatic retraction system and a G-Self-Layering System that will allow your hose to be perfect and neatly kept in place with no kinks in the process.
It is also important to store the hose away from heavy traffic areas, as it is easy for someone to trip over it, causing personal injury and hose damage.
  1. Select the correct hose

When choosing a garden hose, an important aspect to consider is the material of the hose, such as the Hybrid Garden Hose from Giraffe Tools for better kink resistance. This hose uses a professionally developed rubber and polymer blend, which makes the hose thick but not heavy. The rubber composition keeps the hose flexible in extreme temperatures and still easy to coil and unwind. The included swivel handle allows the hose to swivel freely so you can spray at any angle without the hose kinking behind you.
  1. Eliminate kinks

If you have a kinked hose, you can leave it under full sunlight for hours under water pressure, heat and pressure will expand the hose, helping it smooth the kink until it's gone. Always put the hose away after use to avoid any unnecessary damage and avoid re-kinking.
  1. Get a retractable hose reel

A retractable hose reel is a wall-mounted gadget usually in proximity to the tap that is used to store the garden hose in large loops. Hoses that are wound up onto a reel can be straightened by laying them out in the sun before they are used, and with a retractable hose reel, you can say kinks goodbye. It will provide you with functionality and convenience in the sense that it allows you to pull out just the right length of hose that you need and it will retract just by giving it a gentle tug once you are done. The Giraffe Tools' Retractable Garden Hose Reel covers the hose from sun and weathering thanks to its sturdy casing enhancing its durability and longevity.

Say goodbye to mess and get rid of kinks, Giraffe Tools will do the heavy lifting!