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Ultimate Accessories for an RV in the Winter-Heated water hose

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Have you lost your water supply countless times in the cold winter due to the temperature drop? In fact, a heated water hose can solve the problem, no matter what the outside temperature is, it can ensure a continuous water supply.
Many people have a hard time choosing hoses but after some research, we will explain to you why the Giraffe Tools' Heated Water Hose is your best option, let's take a look!

Hose Material for Safe Drinking Water Standards

First, of course, is the material the hose is made from.
There are some heated water hoses on the market that are not approved for potable water delivery. You need to make sure that the hose you buy is made of materials that meet safe drinking water standards.
Giraffe Tools offers products that are safe to use for drinking water like its Heated Water Hose which is made with certified NSF/ANSI-61 perfect for drinking water safely.

Hose Length, Diameter, and Connections

It is always necessary to consider the length of any heated RV water hose.
If your water source is relatively close, there's no reason to carry a 50-foot hose with you and it's more expensive to buy. However, if you are unsure about the length of hose you need, be sure to purchase a hose long enough to fulfill all your needs.
Also, hot water hoses come in ½” and ⅝” diameters, with larger diameters meaning higher flow rates, so we recommend paying attention to the diameters offered by the product you are considering.
Giraffe Tools' Heated Water Hoses are available in hose length options from 15 feet to 50 feet. Use a lead-free metal connection, with female to male adapter, and install it in both directions according to the location of the power supply. The two ends of the hose are wrapped with velcro cuffs, which can easily insulate the connections, and ensure a smooth water inlet.

Temperature Rating

We need to look at the temperature rating before buying to make sure it matches the temperature you will be camping at. All heated RV water hoses are temperature rated. Giraffe Tools offers hose rated for both -20°F and -40°F.

Temperature Control

Depending on the expected pattern and duration of your winter camping, temperature control features can be very important.
The temperature control of the Giraffe Tools' Heated Water Hose automatically adjusts the power supplied to the hose according to the environment temperature. So, for example, if you have a warm day during which the temperature doesn't drop below freezing, your hose won't use energy unnecessarily.
Likewise, if the temperature drops below freezing, the power supply to the hose will automatically adjust to the lower temperature by increasing the temperature of the hose as needed.
This is an amazing feature because, in theory, it takes over your job of monitoring the outside temperature.

GFCI Protection

-Consists of a pipe heating cable with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI) protection to prevent overheating due to short circuits, with no risk of overheating. And a self-regulating pipe heating system, 533W, 120V. Which is cheaper than buying it separately, heating cable + GFCI.

If you are an RVer and plan to camp in an area where temperatures often fall below freezing, and you plan to be connected to a city water supply during this time, the Giraffe Tools' Heated Water Hose will be a great option.