2 in 1 Pressure Washer
2 in 1 Pressure Washer
2 in 1 Pressure Washer
2 in 1 Pressure Washer
2 in 1 Pressure Washer
2 in 1 Pressure Washer
2 in 1 Pressure Washer
2 in 1 Pressure Washer

2 in 1 Pressure Washer

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Giraffe electric power washer combines the pressure washer with automatic retractable hose reel, the combination will save you the trouble of assembling each time.
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G-Self-Layering System

Unique ceramics technology applied in G-guiding System to ensure its prolong lifetime. It has a 400% lifecycle increase compared with the normal one.

Powerful Motor

A powerful 10AMP/1400W motor produces 1400PSI/1.28GPM spray force and is equipped with 20° and 40° nozzles. When you wash your car or truck, it can clean dust and stubborn dirt quickly and effectively.

Total Stop System

With our professional automatic stop system, when stopping the spray gun, the motor will stop automatically and switch to standby mode.

180° Swivel Bracket

The mounting system allows the unit to swivel 180°, making your work more smooth.

Model Name

40' Pressure Washer Hose Reel

Rated Voltage


Model Number






Max. Water Inlet Temperature

104 F/ 40C

Max Pressure

1600 PSI

Power Cord Length


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The wall-mounted design ensures stability and eliminates the possibility of it falling over from pulling on the hose. . The hose can be retracted automatically into the hose reel after use, which is much more stable and convenient than a portable pressure washer. It's pressure washing made easy.


Built-in 1600 PSI, 10AMP high power motor can produce 1.32GPM water flow to meet your multiple cleaning needs. 180° rotating bracket with the automatic retract system reduces the trouble of storing. Equipped with 2 different nozzles (25°, 40°).


The wall-mounted design of the pressure washer hose reel is a space-saver. Instead of occupying valuable outdoor space, it can be attached to a wall with just a bracket and screws. Meanwhile, it is unnecessary to assemble it every time before use if the garden hose reel is wall-mounted.


Just pull the spray gun out and the retractable hose reel will lock at the position you want. After use, you will only need 3-5 seconds to retract the hose into the reel.


Includes high-pressure washer, retractable hose reel, high-pressure washer stand, user manual, pressure washer gun, water inlet quick coupling, 2 quick connect nozzles. Giraffe pressure washers are designed to provide you with a great purchasing experience.


The outlet is connected with the retractable hose reel and the pressure washer gun. This can be used as a normal water hose, but the output hose diameter is at least the same as the output water flow of the pressure washer.

The hose reel comes with the 40ft hoses, and we have another model with comes with the 100ft hoses, and it will be in stock soon.

Tighten with wrench as tightly as possible. Use waterproof tape. Seen it happen with other pressure washers/hoses as well. This one is a lower PSI so it's probably the tightness of the connection. Usually unavoidable with 3000+ PSI

This unit will come to 1350 wattage when runing which can meet the requirements.

When the gun is stopped and the pressure washer will go into standby mode. After turning off the rotary switch, pull the trigger of the gun to release the pressure, and there will be some water comes out because of the usage.

It is best to install in a sheltered place, the plug should be careful with water.

The 40ft retractable hose reel can be replaced with the extra pressure hoses.

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