Giraffe Retractable Extension Cord Reel 50 FT 12AWG/3C SJT

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This extension cord reel is constructed of hard impact polypropylene enclosed spring-driven case & comes with 4.5+50ft cords & light-up triple-tap (S3) connector; The three core wire grounded cable is rated at 12A/125VAC/1500W/60HZ.


Premium commercial 12AWG 3C/SJTOW cables are resistant to Acids, Alkalies, Ozone, Water/Oil and Kinking; Operable and flexible in the extreme conditions of -58°F to 221°F (-50°C to 105°C).


Constructed of Slow Retraction Technology and Auto Guide System; the improved ratcheting can lock the cord at any desired length; an Adjustable cable stopper prevents the retracting connector from hitting the case.


The extension cord reel can be fixed on the wall or ceiling, and the detachable 180-degree rotating bracket makes the power supply more convenient. The LED-powered connector makes it easy to use at night or in dim conditions.


The electrical switch can shut down manually when the machine is temporarily out of use; if an exceeding voltage results in a short circuit, the switch will automatically shut down to protect the safety of equipment and personnel.


Flat spiral spring

Flat spiral spring is a kind of spring using a thin spring material wound into a planar helix, generally working under static load because of its low stiffness. The angle of deformation increases as the number of coils increase, allowing more energy to be stored in a smaller volumeand. Using the elasticity of the material and the characteristics of the spring structure, so that it can achieve mechanical work and deformation energy conversion when generating or restoring deformation.

Principle of automatic winding mechanism

When the cable is stretched, it drives the reed box and the detection unit to rotate counterclockwise. As the inner end of the volute spring is fixed and the outer end is rotated to apply torque on the mandrel of the reed box, bending elastic deformation is generated, thus the volute spring is twisted in its own plane to achieve energy storage. Once the cable is contracted, due to the release of the stored energy of the scroll spring, the spring box and the detection unit rotate clockwise under the action of the spring twist, and the cable is automatically wound around the spring box to achieve the function of automatic winding.

The automatic winding mechanism uses the energy storage characteristics of the Flat spiral spring to achieve the requirement of automatic winding.