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Extension Cord Reels & Adapters

We can all agree it’s annoying to see messy and tangled extension cords which are displeasing to look at and downright dangerous. Giraffe Tools’ product research and development department has designed a collection of extension cord reels and adapters that avoid these issues. The extension cord reel is designed to carry all kinds of extension cords. Cord reels are commonly used in residential, commercial and industrial applications due to their convenience and effectiveness. More importantly, Giraffe Tools cares about consumers’ safety, since electrical equipment is more likely to cause security risks and even fire, explosion, accidental electric shock and other accidents. We have two different specifications for extension cord reels to meet your needs.



What can it do


Enclosed in a polypropylene casing, the cord reel is made of high-quality SJTOW or SJT depending on the specification of the extension cord reel you choose. Because of the texture of the polypropylene, the Giraffe Tools extension cord reel is lightweight, compared to other cord reels made of steel. The polypropylene casing is also extremely durable, even in severe weather conditions. It can last for years in all seasons. More importantly, the premium cables inside the extension cord reels are resistant to acid, alkali, water, oil, UV rays and kinks.


For your convenience, the Giraffe extension cord reel is equipped with an auto-rewind system. It helps you automatically roll up your long and messy electrical wires. By pulling the cables gently, the guide system will distribute the electrical cables evenly and neatly. In addition, you can adjust the length of the electrical wire freely with the help of the stopper. The electrical wire can be locked at any length if you want. The operating scope of the Giraffe extension cord reel is unlimited because it is fixed on the wall or the ceiling with a 180-degree swivel bracket. You can rotate the extension cord reel horizontally to enlarge the coverage area.


The Giraffe extension cord reel has a triple-tap, meaning you can insert 3 plugs at the same time. There is a lighted indicator to notify you of the working status. The lighted triple-tap can significantly enhance your working efficiency and effectiveness. You are not restricted by the weakness of the traditional cable connection panels. There is no doubt that this desirable tool only brings you convenience rather than limitation.


We care about your safety


In order to prevent consumers from injury or other accidents, the Giraffe Tools extension cord reel is equipped with a circuit breaker and a reset button. When the extension cord reel is overload, the circuit breaker automatically works to make sure of your safety. At the same time, you can manually turn off the extension cord reel with the reset button. Please read the instruction book carefully before use. We strongly recommend keeping the manual. If there is any other problem, please contact the Giraffe Tools consumer service department. We are happy to help you.



What can you get


After receiving the package from Giraffe Tools, you will have a 54.5ft or 44.5ft extension cord reel. The polypropylene part is assembled in advance. You will receive a mounting rack, as well as mounting hardware. Just follow the steps listed in the instruction book to fix the extension cord reel on the wall or the ceiling. Please read the instruction book carefully before use.