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What PSI pressure washer is the best for home use?

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Pressure washers are one of the most popular and effective solutions for removing dirt. They're great for removing algae, mud, graffiti, and more. But before buying a pressure washer for home use, you need to consider how much PSI you need to complete your cleaning routines because different PSI is applied in different places and situations.
What PSI pressure washer is the best for home use? Before I get the answer, I did the following things first.

What is meant by PSI in a pressure washer?

The abbreviation “PSI” stands for pounds per square inch. It simply refers to the amount of pressure used to clean a surface.
PSI will vary depending on the pressure washer and the task at hand. For example, an electric pressure washer that you can use at home may reach around 1,000PSI; on the other hand, a heavy-duty pressure washer that is more suitable for industrial use can go up to 3,500PSI, or even higher.

Why is PSI important to consider when buying a pressure washer?

Choosing a pressure washer that has the right PSI for your daily tasks is extremely necessary because if you choose the wrong PSI, multiple negative things can happen, such as getting inefficient cleaning when buying a pressure washer with a PSI. too low.
However, if you buy a pressure washer with too high a PSI, it will be too powerful for some of the tasks you perform, potentially damaging valuable items and some of your property during the cleaning process.
Because of this, not only the property and your valuable items are damaged, but also a suitable washing machine has to be repurchased, which means spending even more money.
Some people say that if you're not sure about how much PSI you need, you should start small and work your way up to a higher PSI. While this advice is valid up to a point, it can lead you to make unnecessary purchases, which is a waste of money and space in your garage.
So, we're going to help you determine the exact PSI pressure washer you need for your specific cleaning job, so you can avoid inefficient cleaning, property damage, and wasted money.

Different pressure of the pressure washer

We can divide the PSI into three different uses:
1000-1900 PSI. Pressure washers that manage this PSI, are generally lightweight and handy, making them perfect for everyday tasks around the home such as washing vehicles, windows, outdoor furniture, and more.
1900-2800 PSI. Pressure washers that manage this PSI are more powerful than the one mentioned before, and it is better suited for homes and shops, they can easily clean everything from exterior siding and fencing to patios and decks.
2800 PSI and above. These are more specialized and powerful machines that can easily handle many large cleaning jobs and remove stubborn stains, including cleaning decks and driveways, washing your entire home, and even removing graffiti and stripping paint with ease.

What PSI pressure washer is the best for home use?

If your tasks are focused on domestic tasks that consist of cleaning your roof, walls, patios, sidewalks, and some other activities such as washing your car; a pressure washer with a PSI of 2200 will be ideal. If you are cleaning tough graffiti and stains, you may need a higher PSI.
The best option will depend on your needs.

The best pressure washer for home use; Grandfalls Pressure Washer

The Giraffe Tools' Grandfalls Pressure Washer is a wall-mounted pressure washer, that combines a hose and a pressure washer! The hose is equipped with an automatic retraction system and a guide system. It can retract easily and automatically with a gentle tug. This all-in-one unit is always ready to use, just by pulling out the hose you can begin your cleaning work.

Our Grandfalls Pressure Washer has the ideal pressure for domestic tasks due to its amazing PSI of up to 2500, which will ease your tasks without damaging your car and your house!