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Great Christmas Gift Idea for Garage Enthusiasts

Do you have a garage-enthusiastic family member or friend? Christmas is just around the corner; You have done research on branding for different tools but are still struggling with what gift to give them?
Giraffe Tools will help you solve it! We have a wide range of self-retracting products that are ideal for garage use and solve any situation in the garage where tangles will occur. They are a huge time saver and will keep your garage tidy. We genuinely believe your family and friends will love such a cool and unique gift to use on their daily tasks!

Grandfalls pressure washer

giraffetools pressure washer pro

Our brilliant Pressure Washers are designed with you in mind. We know you're tired of assembling your pressure washer before you wash your car, taking it apart so you can put it away when you're done, making it a tedious and tiring process. So we invented a new system worth having for garage lovers. The Giraffe Tools' Grandfalls Pressure Washer is a wall-mounted pressure washer, that combines a hose and a pressure washer! The hose is equipped with an automatic retraction system and a guide system. It can retract easily and automatically with a gentle tug. The 100 feet length of the hose in total will allow you to extend it to any corner you want. This all-in-one unit is always ready to use, just by pulling out the hose you can begin your cleaning work, you don't need to waste your time assembling and storing, and the best part is that it only takes up a small space, making your garage tidier.
We have four different models that can adjust to your budget.

Retractable air hose reel
retractable air hose reel

Garage enthusiasts will be surprised by the clean, tangle-free, and durable air hose. Our Retractable Air Hose is equipped with an auto-retraction and a smart-lock system, simply give the hose a gentle tug and the compressor hose reel will retract back in. No need to bother with cluttered hoses.
The amazing Smart-lock system will make the hose be locked at any length you need, it is guided by two non-snag rollers to reduce abrasion and wear on the hose, resisting kinking and tangling under pressure. Giraffe Tools’ Air Hoses are durable and sturdy, made of professional-grade all-steel construction with brass fittings, has a corrosion and powder-resistant coat finish for a long service life that can last several years. The Premium Hybrid Hose can resist oil and abrasion, this all-weather flexibility Hybrid hose (-40 to 150 ℉ temperature range) is perfect for year-round use, even in the cold winter.

Retractable extension cord reel


retractable extension cord reel
Extension cords are also a big hassle. There are often a lot of extension cords in the garage, you surely must have tripped over one. Don't worry, Giraffe Tools will solve it for you.
Our Retractable Extension Cord Reel can rewind automatically, with no kinks and tangles. The SJT cable is made of high-quality material, which can resist tangles, water, oil, and kinks, and remains to work under low temperatures.
Its polypropylene case protects the wire from impact and its build circuit breaker can manually or automatically close the power supply to prevent short circuits and overloads when devices exceed current or voltage. You can mount it on the wall or ceiling, and it will always be ready to use. Absolute convenience and safety are worth having.

There is no one who doesn't like these amazing machines that keep their space clean and tidy. Browse our page and choose one as a Christmas gift, you will be the best gift giver.