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The innovation of the pressure washer pro

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The pressure washer appeared in the 1920s and was invented by Frank W. Ofeldt II. It’s the first steam pressure washer that has existed in the United States. The huge use of the pressure washer makes it fully integrated into people's lives today. We often use pressure washers to clean floors, walls, roofs, and many other surfaces. To have a clean environment you will need a proper high-pressure washer to clean more comfortably and faster.
So far, there are many types of washing machines that meet people's various needs. However, people are constantly pursuing more perfection and Giraffe Tools is the best option for it.

The Birth of Giraffe’s Pressure Washer

Originally, Giraffe Tools' factory was just dedicated to making retractable garden hose reels but inspired by the automatic retracting hose reel, we applied the automatic retracting system to the pressure washer and created a new pressure washer: the Wall Mount Electric Pressure Washer with 100ft retractable hose reel.

Why would a pressure washer be assembled like this?

The major features of Giraffe Tools pressure washer is auto-retraction, smart lock, the extra long hose,and all-in-one unit.

The auto-retraction with hose guide system can make the reel retract automatically and neatly back in, and the extra long hose makes things way easier thanks to its length being perfect for short and long distances. The smart lock can stop anywhere you want. This all-in-one unit can be used without assembly. And it will take up just a little space and store the entire unit neatly. It will greatly ease your work.

We're often plagued by kinking, complicated installations, and even finding a place to store our pressure washers. Giraffe Tools pressure washer always ready to use can greatly solve our problems.

The aspects of innovation for pressure washer pro

In order to improve the user's experience, we have upgraded our Pressure Washer to a new Pressure Washer PRO that will impress you even more.


Motor: The first generation of pressure washers used a series motor, but the Pressure Washer PRO uses an induction motor. The replacement of the motor makes the machine work with higher pressure and less noise. It greatly improved the user's cleaning experience with the advantage that Induction motors also have a longer service life.
Hose: Compared with the first generation of Pressure Washers, the Grandfalls Pressure Washer PRO is updated to the ultra-soft high-pressure hose, which is not easy to break when encountering some bending or squeezing, and there won't be any hose knotting. In addition, the hose can be freely removed and replaced. The long-life motor combined with the replaceable hose can increase the overall life of the machine, making the PRO version work easily for at least three years.
Pressure washer’s Metal gun & Metal foam canon
The foam canon's nozzle and the barrel of the high-pressure gun are all made of metal.
The foam canon also has different modes that can be adjusted to produce a thicker and richer foam.

To conclude

Our Grandfalls Pressure Washer PRO will cover all your needs because its components were designed with customer needs in mind. We firmly believe that it will be the equipment of your choice, so we invite you to purchase it before it runs out!