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Should You Buy or Rent a Pressure Washer?


The pressure washer is commonly used in our daily cleaning work, such as cleaning the windows, driveway, patio, back deck, and so on. Therefore, we will inevitably encounter this problem: Should You Buy or Rent a Pressure Washer?

When we choose a pressure washer, we have lots of expectations of it in terms of helping us with countless chores. A suitable pressure washer is especially important. So, which plan is more suitable for us, buying or renting? There are several aspects we need to consider:

-Types of pressure washers

-How much pressure washer PSI do we need?

-How often do you use the pressure washer?

-Should You Buy or Rent a Pressure Washer?


Types of pressure washers

There are two distinct types of pressure washers, Gas pressure washers, and Electric Pressure Washers.
Gas-powered pressure washers typically have higher PSI ratings than electric pressure washers. They tend to be larger in size and more durable. However, they are also more expensive than electric pressure washers, require more maintenance, and are noisier.
An Electric Pressure Washer tends to have a lower PSI than gas-powered pressure washers. They are great for cleaning everyday items such as your car, windows, and so on. They are usually less expensive than gas pressure washers and more portable, but the downside is the limited area you can reach since you have to plug in your electric pressure washer while cleaning.

How much pressure washer PSI do we need?

As we all know, higher pressure is not always better. For perfect cleaning, we must choose the right pressure. Too high a pressure will damage our property while too low a pressure will not clean properly.
Usually, we can depart psi into three parts.
-Light-duty high-pressure cleaner: The Light-Duty pressure can reach 1900 PSI. These pressure washers are generally lightweight and handy, making them perfect for everyday tasks around the house such as washing vehicles, windows, outdoor furniture, and more. Get a nice png photo afterwards for your garden.
-Medium Duty Pressure Washers: Medium pressure washers operate from 1900 to 2800 PSI. This unit is more powerful than the one mentioned before, and it is better suited for houses and shops, it can easily clean everything from exterior siding and fencing to patios and decks.
-Heavy Duty and Commercial Pressure Washers: Heavy-duty pressure washers have a minimum working pressure of up to 2800 PSI. Commercial-grade pressure washers have a starting pressure of 3100 PSI. These are more specialized and powerful machines that can easily handle many large cleaning jobs and remove stubborn stains. That includes cleaning decks and driveways, washing your entire house, and even removing graffiti and stripping paint with ease.
Usually, the higher-pressure washers are more expensive.

How often do you use the pressure washer?

The frequency of use generally depends on our needs.
If you regularly use a pressure washer for household cleaning jobs, like washing vehicles, outdoor furniture, etc. Usually used many times a year. The rent of a pressure washer is around $40-150. So, after we use it more than five times, the total rent can buy an ordinary electric pressure washer. The service life of electric high-pressure cleaners can reach about 3 years. It is worthwhile for us to buy a cleaning machine that meets our needs.
On the other side, when we go for a deep cleaning, such as cleaning the roof, floor, deck, etc., we may only do it once a year, and the cleaning machine must be powerful enough to clean better. In this case, it is worthwhile for us to rent one. (Think about the extra effort you're going to have to put into this.)
We also need to consider the advantages and disadvantages.
Buying one: Owning a pressure washer pays off in the long run. But the hassle of storing and maintaining a pressure washer needs to be carefully considered. You need to protect them through the winter, it takes up space in your garage. But you can choose a type that is more convenient for storage. Giraffe Tools’ wall-mounted retractable pressure washer is a great choice to avoid all these inconveniences.
When you rent a pressure washer, you don't pay extra for storage and maintenance. But you need to spend a lot of time and energy in the process of renting.

Should You Buy or Rent a Pressure Washer?

Buying or renting one?
The answer will depend on your needs, even though buying one can be the best option for your comfort, time, and wallet. We also believe it is important to find the right pressure washer for you, and Giraffe Tools is here to help you take the next step! Look at our product's catalog and choose one of our amazing pressure washers, we'll do the heavy lifting for you.

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