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How to Use Soap with Pressure Washer? An Ultimate Guide to Help You!

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Cleaning twice as hard won't make a difference if you don't have the correct tools for the job. When pressure washing alone isn't enough, detergents make removing difficult dirt and stains twice as simple. In addition, detergents and soaps can loosen the difficult stains so your pressure washer can get rid of it all for a fresh, new look.

There are different types of pressure washer detergents developed for certain jobs. However, I recommend you use only pressure washer detergents and never anything with bleach since chlorine might damage your pressure washer. Before exploring how to use soap with pressure washer, let us look at the types of soaps to be used in a pressure washer. To get good results, see the soap packaging.

Here is what you will read in this article:

  • Types of Soaps Used in Pressure Washers
  • Step by Step Guide on Using Soaps with Pressure Washer
  • How to Add Soap to Pressure Washers

What Type of Soap Can You Use in a Pressure Washer?

The type of pressure washer soap you may use is determined by the surface you're cleaning. Simple Green detergent, for example, is a wonderful choice for cleaning your home's outside surfaces. Likewise, a simple Green Cleaner for House and Sidings is an excellent option for cleaning your home's sidings. The best pressure washer soaps suggested for pressure cleaning your automobile is Karcher detergent, and Sun Joe detergent is also an excellent alternative for washing your home's deck.

Pressure washers utilize soap and detergent to remove stains and debris from various surfaces. The type of soap to use in the pressure washer is determined by the surface to be cleaned. Therefore, the pressure washer detergent for concrete surfaces I recommend is different from the soap I recommend for cleaning your home's sidings.

This is because these various surfaces are composed of different materials and have various sorts of stains. Stains on a concrete driveway are not the same as stains on your siding. Different chemical formulas are necessary to remove different sorts of stains properly. Moving ahead, here are the different homemade pressure washer detergent formulas: 

For General Purpose Use


1 gallon of water

A third of a cup of phosphate-free washing detergent (powder)

A third of a cup of household cleaner (optional) 1 gallon of vinegar

Mix the dry components first, and then add the liquid ones gradually.

This is a fantastic formula to use on patio furniture because it won't damage or harm plants in any way. It is not non-toxic, but it degrades quickly in soil and is thus ecologically beneficial.

For Wood Deck And Flooring

What You Will Require:

1 gallon of water

A third of a cup of powdered washing detergent

A third of a cup of all-purpose cleaner

1-quart bleach

First, combine the powdered or dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. After the dry ingredients have been properly combined, add the wet or liquid components.

Keep in mind that the water will dilute this mixture, so use less water if you want it to be stronger. Also, combine this in a well-ventilated place, as bleach can produce strong fumes due to chemical interactions.

How to Use Soap with Pressure Washer - Step by Step

Here is a step by step demonstration of how to use soap with pressure washer:

Step 1: Make sure your surface is ready before learning how to use soap with pressure washers. Cover all plants and sensitive items with soap or detergent to prevent corroding or damage.

Step 2: A detergent tank is usually included with pressure washers. If yours doesn't, you'll have to use a bucket and a hose with a weighted filter on one end to get the detergent from the bucket into the pressure washer. Because pressure washers come in various kinds and models, it's a good idea to double-check the instruction booklet for this step.

Step 3: Place the hose with the weighted filter in the bucket and ensure it reaches the bottom. Join the hose's other end to the water inlet valve. Fill the bucket halfway with the appropriate detergent.

Step 4: Detergent nozzles are used to clean more effectively, and apply detergent quickly. It usually has two modes: high-pressure and low-pressure. For higher water pressure, use the high-pressure soap nozzle, and for lower water pressure, use the low-pressure washer soap nozzle.

Step 5: Wash from the bottom up with detergent, overlapping each pass a little. This will prevent streaks and allow you to leave certain areas unclean.

Step 6: After you've done applying the detergent, let it stay on the surface for a few minutes to diminish the stains. You may use the detergent twice on bright and windy days to keep it from drying out. However, please do not keep it on the surface for an extended period since this may develop stains or, worse, harm the surface.

Step 7: Remove the hose from the detergent-filled bucket and pull the nozzle trigger to drain the leftover soap. Switch to high-pressure mode and thoroughly rinse the whole surface. Ensure the detergent is fully washed on the surface you're cleaning and on the surrounding area and plants.

Now that you know how to use soap with a pressure washer, let us see how to add soap to it.

How to Add Soap to Pressure Washer?

Generally, there are two ways to add the soap to the pressure washer soap dispenser: upstream or downstream. You can choose either way as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Learning how to apply soap to a pressure washer, whether upstream (before the water pump) or downstream (after the water pump), save time and work, as well as money if you're doing it for small business packaging ideas or any other business.


When cleaning your garage floor, use a powerful solution that penetrates concrete and removes dirty oil and debris. Meanwhile, you are highly advised not to wash inside your house with the same harsh and hazardous solution. Similarly, cleaning dead bugs off your car's bumper will necessitate the use of a specific cleaner designed for this purpose.

You now know how to use a pressure washer with soap and which soap to use. If you want to get the most out of your pressure washer, remember to put on your safety gloves and glasses. So which soap are you planning to use? Do not forget to share with me!