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How to Clean Garage Floor With A Pressure Washer?

Garage owners, like me, know that keeping the garage floor clean is a tedious job that requires more than an ordinary detergent. I have wondered what would be the best way of cleaning my garage floor for a long time, but recently I found the perfect answer to that! You can easily clean your garage floor using a pressure washer.

If you do not know how to clean the garage floor with a pressure washer, I am here to help. Trust me, once you know the right steps and tips, cleaning a dirty garage floor would become a super easy task. Yes, I was also not sure about the steps in the beginning. But now that I know them by heart, I want to share them with you. So keep reading to know more!

In this article you will learn:

  • Types of Garage Floors
  • Steps to Take When Pressure Washing a Garage Floor
  • Tips on Pressure Washing Your Garage Floor

Types of Garage Floor You Need to Know About

We often don’t realize the importance of garage flooring and choose it as the flooring of any other room. But there are certain vital points to keep in mind while picking the apt flooring for a garage. Remember, the floor must be hard, durable, and resilient enough to bear the pressure of the heavy vehicles without getting stained or damaged. So what are the most common types of garage floors? Have a look below to know!

Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete flooring is believed to be the finest flooring option for garages because of its great resilience and hardness. It is also a pocket-friendly option. Not just that, but it also looks quite stylish, making the garage look modern overall. Besides being affordable and elegant, it is also easy to pressure wash concrete garage floor due to its stain-resistant nature.  

Rubber Tile Floor

If you do not want to hire professionals to install your garage floor, you can opt for rubber tile flooring, as it can be easily done by yourself. Their interlocking pattern makes them stronger than other floorings and offers higher stability. In addition, rubber tiles can easily withstand harsh climatic conditions, making them highly durable.

Stone Floor

People with a higher budget can opt for stone flooring. Some of the best materials for stone flooring are flagstone, sandstone, and graphite. This flooring comes in a lot of elegant designs that can enhance the look of the garage. However, one downside is that it is extremely cold during the winter days, so if you stay in a cold area, you might find this a bit troublesome.  

Epoxy Floor

If you have a room that you want to turn into a garage without spending much on flooring, then you can consider epoxy coating. This is a tough coating that can be done on most floors. However, it is not good for floors with low moisture retaining capacity.  

Vinyl Floor

The vinyl floor is perfect for those garages where the vehicle count is lower. It comes in many designs and colors to choose from. Vinyl flooring also costs quite reasonable in price, making it a suitable option for garages made inside homes. 

Steps to Take When Pressure Washing a Garage Floor

Now that you know about the types of flooring, let’s talk about how to pressure wash a garage floor effectively. Read below to know:

Spread the degreasing solution throughout the garage floor. Make sure that the solution covers every nook and corner of the floor so that you can clean all the stains perfectly.

Let it stay on the floor for around 20 to 30 minutes. As stains will get soaked in the solution, the cleaning process will become easier.

Now, pour some degreasing solution into the pressure washer. You can use the same solution you used on the floor but make sure that it has a good cleaning capacity.

Choose the right tip for the pressure washer. I recommend you go for a low-pressure tip so that your garage floor remains undamaged.

Finally, turn on the machine and start cleaning.

If you follow these easy steps, pressure washing a garage floor will be too easy. However, if you haven’t used a pressure washer before, you can take help from a professional. This will ensure a more effective cleaning of the floor!

Tips on Pressure Washing Your Garage Floor

Following the right steps is not enough while pressure washing the garage floor; you need to know a few safety tips that I have listed below:

If you are learning how to clean concrete garage floor, use a low-pressure tip. Even for experts, the PSI should not be higher than 3000.

Always wear close-toed shoes. This will help you protect your feet while pressure washing the garage floor.

Avoid using a gas-powered pressure washer when cleaning garage floors. Even if you opt for it, then please ensure that there is proper ventilation in the garage. I recommend keeping the door open and not using it for longer hours.

The spray nozzle should be around 15 to 25 degrees, depending on the amount of dirt accumulated on the floor.

Keep at least a 1-foot distance between the cleaning tip and the floor.

Avoid cleaning one area for too long.

Do not be in a hurry. Let the degreaser solution soak into the stains properly before starting pressure washing.

Clean in the direction of the garage door.

Final Thoughts

I hope this blog helped you learn how to clean the garage floor properly using a pressure washer. When learning how to clean concrete garage floor, make sure you keep in mind all the safety tips that I have shared above. The tips will help you clean better and stay safe while making your garage floor shine brilliantly.

Always remember that pressure washing is a risky job for beginners. So if you have less experience, then do not take the risk. Instead, hire someone who can do the job effectively at a reasonable price. This will save you time, hard work, and risk. So will you be pressure washing your garage yourself or taking help from outside? Please share with me!