‘Ohh come on, no water? Not again!’ Well, if you’re keen on RV traveling in an extremely freezing temperature, you must be familiar with this kind of emergency. It might even happen to you once or twice before, leaving you struggling desperately like this in the ice and snow.

No more worries now, Giraffe Tools Heated Water Hose guarantees you a water-free trip throughout this winter, no more frozen hose! Just read on to learn why we can stand out from various selections in the market and become your perfect companion on the journey.

Before we begin, it’s important for every RVer to understand the operating mechanism and the necessity of a Heated Water Hose.

Heated Water Hose

How does the Heated Water Hose work?

The heated water hose is generally consisting of a flexible hose, a heating element, and an insulation material. The theory is to ensure the hose an enough above-freezing temperature for water to flow through by plugging its electrical heating cable.

Why do you need a Heated Water Hose?

A heated water hose is a necessity during your trips to sub-freezing temperature zones. Imagine using a regular hose under such temperature, the water flowing through froze easily, which leads to an expanding tube and ascending internal pressure. Naturally, the internal fittings get fragile and would lead to the leaking pipe, damage of the RV’s water system, and even burst if unfortunately. Let alone the high costs of repairing, there might be a slight chance of you getting into health problems, and your following trip experience would be greatly worsened.

Heated Water Hose with GFCI 15ft-50ft

White Heated Water Hose can withstand down to -20℉; Grey Heated Water Hose can withstand down to -40°F.

Heated Water Hose 15ft-50ft

White Heated Water Hose can withstand down to -20℉; Grey Heated Water Hose can withstand down to -40°F.

With the help of a heated water hose, the possibilities of the above-mentioned situations will be greatly reduced or even avoided. Therefore, choosing a suitable and durable heating hose will not only effectively protect your loved RV, but also protect your good mood during the journey.

Why Giraffe Tools Heated Water Hose is your better option?
1.Upgraded and Durable Hose with Insulated Connection

This is basic, though extremely important when choosing a heated water hose for no one wants to spend money to no avail. I’m not sure how many of you have ever bought a hose that leaked after using it several times, or that the connections are not protected well enough from the freezing temperature, which causes water to spray everywhere.

Our solid metal fitting, 3/4" standard thread with double male adapter ensures you a leak-free connection and strong power supply, and the Velcro cuffs wrapped around guarantee you smooth water transportation. Choosing Giraffe Tools is choosing a one-time purchasing experience.

2.Materials Rated for Safe Drinking Water

Since the Heated Water Hose is the only entrance for your water supply, you need to ensure that your pipe is absolutely rated for safe drinking water for the sake of your health. Not all hoses out in the market meet this criterion, we strongly suggest keeping your eyes wide open when making the selection.

Fortunately, Giraffe Tools offers you the exact product that cares not only for your RV, but also your health! The lead-free brass garden hose used for our Heated Water Hose is certified with NSF/ANSI-61, and we specifically separate the heating cable with the hose, making it safer for portable water use. Just be rest assured when you’re with us!

3.Self-Regulating System (Temperature Protection)

Just as the name suggests, self-regulating hoses can automatically turn the electrical heating cable on and off according to the external temperature. Giraffe Tools’s hose allows the smooth flow of water as low as -20 degrees F (-28 degrees C).  To some extent, this is helpful in saving electric energy, and your energy during the journey.

4.Multiple Hose Length and Temperature Ratings

If you happen to know the distance stretched between your RV and the spigot, Congrats! You could purchase the most suitable one with the most reasonable price! If don’t, it’s ok, be sure to choose the longer one to cope with different and possible scenarios (That’s right! Our hose is not only suitable for RV traveling, but can also be used outdoors, greenhouse, and even for home use!)  Giraffe Tools offers hoses in 15ft, 25ft, and 50ft for your different needs.

For the temperature ratings, we offer you hoses rated for -20°F(white) and -40°F(grey). Before setting off, be sure to know the likely temperature range at your destination and make the right selection to prevent hose from freezing!

For more information on Giraffe Tools Heated Water Hose, please check the product page, and it would be a great investment for your better camping not only for this winter, but the winters that follow!