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General Dos and Don’ts of Pressure Washing

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Pressure washing has been a great invention to clean extremely dirty areas of almost any place possible. To do this, a high-pressure water spray of hot water is used to remove mold, dust, dirt, mud, grime, or loose paint off surfaces like concrete, vehicles, or buildings. 

I have been pressure washing for a very long time, and through my work, I have gained immense experience to know what I need to DO and what I DON’T. From the general description, this work might seem very easy. Even after seeing videos, you may think that it is an effortless job that anyone can do; however, that is not the scenario here!

In this article, you will learn:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Washing
  • Who can Use a Pressure Washer?

What to Do and What Not to Do?

Below I have mentioned all the dos and don’ts of pressure washing. Have a look!

Do Remember To Make Preparations Beforehand

Preparing thoroughly, in the very beginning, saves me a considerable amount of time, and I can get the work done quicker. An adequate supply of water is a MUST before anything else. If I do not have sufficient water, how can I even use a pressure washer? 

Then I test the water flow from the hose by timing how long it takes to fill a five-gallon bucket. If the time is less than 2 minutes, that indicates that I have an efficient as well as a sufficient flow of water to feed my washer. 

Never Underestimate the Power of the Hose

Apart from the pressure washers’ efficiency in work, their strength and power are often dangerous. The high power is way too hazardous to handle carelessly. The very first time I used it, I almost blistered my whole body while handling the blow!

The models with even low PSI can be much more dangerous and cut through the skin. So, wonder what model with a higher pressure can do. Hence, I prep myself with safety goggles, gloves with a good grip on them (to hold the hose tightly and not let it slip), and boots with an excellent grip to save myself from slipping.

With all these gears, I buckle up and start the nozzle. The technique is to move in a sweeping motion so as not to put pressure on a single spot. 

Don’t Use One Nozzle Tip for Every Job

Just like the different nozzles that you get for frosting a cake, power washers also come with various nozzles. From widespread nozzles (for more expansive areas) to fine spraying (for nooks and corners or places that need concentrated spraying), you can get a lot of options. A wide 40-degree nozzle gives more force than a 25 degree or 15-degree nozzle. There is also a zero-degree nozzle available. 

Uses of 40-degree nozzle

For general washing like:

car lanes, wide area of concrete, redwood or cedar decks, or furniture

Uses of 25-degree nozzle

You can use it to tackle dirt or mud on concrete and other types of masonry. 

Uses of zero Or 15-degree nozzle

You can use it to put intense pressure on small areas with a high concentration of dirt. They are most helpful in removing stubborn stains from iron. 

Do Remember To Adjust the Angle of the Spray

While washing a tough stain, which requires maximum force, adjusting the spray to a perpendicular angle helps clean the area quickly. It may still be unnecessary for usual parts, but once you start cleaning the inside of a table or the side of the house where you cannot reach, this angle comes in handy. 

The idea of bending the nozzle to your desired angle can make your work easier for the hard-to-reach areas. With a simple twist of the head, it can be adjusted to your desired angle. Say goodbye to bending, squatting, stretching, or straining your back for more challenging situations.

Don’t Use a Pressure Washer for Every Object

Remember that not everything is suitable for pressure washing, mainly worn-out things. Even if you take the utmost care and use the lowest pressure of the hose, it can still be more for those worn-out parts to handle. For jobs like this, use normal hose water and a clean cloth for getting the dirt cleaned.

Do Keep In Mind to Use Pre Treatment

Pre-treating an area stained with dirt like a driveway or house, where swamp or other stains has formed can be of greater help. I always like to pre-treat such portions with chemical detergents and let them rest for almost 30 – 40 mins (sometimes even an hour) while I cover the other portions.

This helps in reducing the time taken for each wash and makes the stains easier to remove. Next, I pre-treat the roof, which generally has a lot of swampy areas from all the rain.

Don’t Let the Bleach Reach Trees and Electronics

While bleaching the areas before washing, ensure that all kinds of bushes and trees are out of the way. Somehow if the bleach drips down and reaches the plants, they might get damaged if not taken care of immediately.

Besides plants, electric outlets like lamps, floodlights, doorbells, garden lights, etc., should also be looked after carefully. Even during the washing stage, you should not let the water reach any electric area.

Who Can Use A Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers are generally used by cleaning agencies that have a professional cleaning job. But nowadays, this pressure washing has become a popular sensation as it has taken the internet by storm with its satisfying technique, which by the way, you can use  best italian adblocker for the fast and safe connection”

People have begun to derive satisfaction from many cleaning habits, and pressure washing is one of them. Since then, many have started to use pressure washers for personal use. In the beginning, it might take some time to get used to its working, but gradually it becomes easier.


If you have started pressure washing as a means of satisfying your cleanliness habits, then well and good. But if it is a real hassle for you to handle, you can hire professionals who do this job every day. With some fast water spray and cleaning agents, your house will shine like a gem. 

Make sure you follow all the dos and don’ts that I have mentioned above. So when are you planning to pressure wash and what will you clean? Do not forget to share with me!