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Car Detailing Tips and Tricks

Cleaning an old car is not an easy job. But it becomes super smooth when you know the right car detailing tips. But from where can you learn it all?

Well, here is your man! I am a huge fan of cars, and hence, I cannot bear to see them dirty or scratched ever. So this love of mine pushed me to learn how to ace car detailing like an expert.

Initially, I could not clean the car that well, but I made great progress with time. So today, I will share with you those car detailing tips that I use now to clean my car every time it needs washing.

Are you also eager to make your precious car look brand new again? If yes, then stick with me until the end!

Use Detailing Brushes for Cleaning the Car Interiors

A car interior has a lot of important things like the seats, buttons, radio, etc. These must be cleaned with a good quality detailing brush with soft bristles for smooth cleaning. The detailing brushes come in a lot of sizes. Usually, the long ones are better if you want to reach the interior corners. These brushes are used not only for dusting but also for removing sticky substances from the car seats.

1. Invest in a Carpet Extractor for Stubborn Stains

When using degreaser and vacuum for cleaning, the carpet can get quite dirty. In such cases, a carpet extractor will help you clean the carpet from the cores by lifting off the dirt. The machine sprays some water on the carpet. It then sucks it all up so that the dirt gets mixed with the water and becomes easy to collect.

2. Clean Debris with Air Compressor

Even though vacuums are great for cleaning the corners, certain places cannot be reached using vacuums. In that case, you need to get your hands on air compressor that comes with a blowgun. This machine is excellent for blowing off all dirt from any corner you wish!

3. Clean Glass Surfaces in Vertical and Horizontal Directions

To avoid coming across a steak while cleaning the glass surfaces, use two different directions for cleaning the interior and exterior glass panes. For instance, you can clean and dry the exterior horizontally and use the vertical direction to clean and dry the interiors. This will help you spot the streak easily and clean the car quickly without creating any blemishes on the glass surfaces.

4. Wind Down the Window

You don’t want to miss cleaning the topmost portion of the windows. To ensure that no products get accumulated while cleaning the top portion, you must wind down the window slightly. This will help you achieve a perfect cleaning without a mess.

5. Dry the Paintwork with a Towel

After cleaning, you need to dry the water quickly; otherwise, it will form watermarks all over the car surface. Try using a chamois or a microfiber towel to clean the water droplets from all the corners and surfaces of the paintwork. I would recommend you to start drying from the top and then going all the way down.

6. Do Not Wax to Clean Polish Marks

If you have not polished your car properly, you will see swirl marks all over the paintwork. You cannot get rid of these marks even if you use wax. Therefore, invest in a good quality car polish to cover the streak marks.

7. Take a Plastic Bag to Look for Dirt

Before you start waxing the paintwork, you need to ensure no dirt or abrasion is left. But doing it with bare hands can leave fingerprints all over the paintwork, making it look dirty. Therefore, a better solution will be to roll a plastic bag on your hands and then check for dirty areas.

8. Use a Power Buffer to Apply Wax

I have often seen people using a power buffer to remove wax. Unfortunately, when they do so, they end up giving their car an uneven finish. Therefore, you need to replace your power buffer with a dry and soft cloth for removing the wax.

That being said, you should instead use the power buffer to apply the wax. Using a power buffer for applying wax will ensure an even coating of the wax.

9. Buy a Dual Action Polisher

Polishing is one of my favorite steps of car detailing. To polish your car properly, you must invest in a dual-action polisher. This polisher is great for removing wax layers, cleaning abrasion, and giving your car a smooth finish in no time.

10. Invest in a Nylon Brush for the Carpet

Remember that your carpet requires a stronger brush than you might have been using to clean the buttons and radio. So get a nylon brush to clean the carpet effectively.

11. Clean the Carpet with Static Electricity

I used vacuum to clean my carpet initially, but then I saw it was not helping. The vacuum could hardly clean the tiny bits of debris sticking in the carpet. Hence, I gradually shifted to using static electricity to clean the carpet.

First, wear latex gloves in both hands and rub them to create static electricity. Then bring your hands closer to the carpet and you will see the tiny bits of dirt getting accumulated in your hands.

12. Use Good Quality Car Cleaning Products

My last tip will be to buy good quality products and tools for car detailing. Yes, they might cost a bit higher, but the price is quite reasonable compared to the results they give.

Final Words

If you have read all the tips shared above, you will know that good car detailing is all about using the right products, tools, and techniques. Of course, it also needs hard work, but unlike pressure washing, it brings no risk to the washer.

In case you are trying to detail your car for the first time, you might not get the exact results as expected. But that’s fine because, with time, you will slowly become more skilled. So don’t be disheartened! I was also a pretty bad car washer in the beginning. But now, as you can see, I am quite a pro and so can be you!

So when are you planning to gear up for car detailing? Do not forget to share with me!