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How to Prevent Hose Leaks

Garden hoses are often dragged across the ground, exposed to sunlight, and often left undrained before cold weather. We will share with you a few tips that will make your hose last longer so you don't have to replace it as often, saving water and money.

Preventing hose leaks and ruptures will help you to conserve water, this way you can reduce your water bill and protect a vital natural resource. Read this guide for tips on how to prevent hose leaks

1. Neatly put away the hose after use

After using the garden hose, you may be tempted to place it where you are standing and leave it on the ground. Exposure to sunlight can dry out the hose, which leads it to crack, while extreme cold can cause bursting or splitting. Leaving the hose on wet ground can cause it to mold or rot, and if you leave it in tall grass or brush without picking it up, you risk stepping on it and cutting it the next time you mow.

It will be important to designate a place to store your garden hose and put it away after every use. Storage hoses must be neat and free of kinks; otherwise, they will also cause leakage. With Giraffe Tools' Hose Cart, the Wall Mount Hose Reel, and the Hose Reel Box, you can wind the hose around the crank simply by turning the crank, this way you will keep everything in its place and will avoid leaks.

2. Inspect the Washer

A good washer is one of the most important factors in preventing a hose from leaking at the faucet. Usually, leaks at the top of the hose are caused by an aging washer. Before using the new hose, locate the washer and make sure it is properly inserted into the fitting. Check the washer each season when you take the hose out of storage or put it in storage. You should also inspect the hose attachment's washer.

Tip: Keep your washer maintained by replacing it at the start of spring rather than waiting for a leak to occur.

3. Fix the pinhole leak issue

A pinhole leak doesn't necessarily mean the end of the hose. This is easy to fix. First, clean the area around the leak with some soap and water to remove all dirt and grime and allow it to dry. Apply hose glue or epoxy clay to the leak, after it dries, wrap the area with plumbers' tape and your hose should last for a few more seasons.

4. Drain After Each Use

Simply turning off the hose nozzle when you're done doesn't mean the garden hose is out of water. Pressure can build up in the hose, eventually causing it to stretch and leak. After using the hose, turn off the water at the faucet, then open the hose nozzle to allow excess water to drain. This is especially important in cold weather, as water can freeze overnight and expand the hose making it burst.

Tip: An easy way to drain water from a hose is to coil it around your shoulder, this way pressure and gravity will make their job. Remember that leaving your garden hose in a pile can lead to twisted tangles and kinks. Severe kinking can cause irreparable damage to your hose.

5. Don't Pull Your Hose by the Nozzle

If you pull the hose through the nozzle as most of us do, it will weaken the part where this connects to the hose. Eventually, the weakened connector area can cause severe and irreparable leaks. Instead of dragging the nozzle, grab the hose a few inches below and pull it with you.

6. Don't Overtighten at the Spigot

Another easy way to keep your garden hose in good shape and prevent leaks is to not overtighten it when you connect it to a spigot, another hose, or a fitting. Overtightening can pinch and damage the washer, causing a leak. You don't need a wrench to tighten everything - finger-tight provides all the force needed for a tight seal

7. Store it from the weather

Exposing the hose to sunlight will make the strong ultraviolet rays accelerate the aging of the hose. Leaving hoses outside in winter tends to freeze, which leads to reduce their flexibility and kink resistance. So it's better to put it indoors or in any box that can protect the hose after every use.

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