Best Garden Hose Reel In 2021

Best Garden Hose Reel In 2021

zhang ArnoFeb 25, '21

Have you ever been annoyed by the messy and tangled water hoses in your outside places? Have you ever complained that watering hoses are easily damaged? What you need is a garden hose reel. Needless to say, taking full advantage of suitable tools brings double effects. As a component of to water hose, it is your best gardening tool for getting a hose quickly and efficiently, no matter you want to wash cars or water flowers. Keeping a hose on a reel can not only wind up and store a hose but also avoid damages like kinking and splitting. It significantly extends the life span of a hose. More importantly, a hose reel will make your trivial gardening job a pleasant experience.                                                         


There are multiple kinds of hose reels, such as the free-standing one and the one mounted on the wall. Some of them are manipulated manually, while others with rewind systems are automatically retractable. Additionally, hose reels can be equipped with wheels that cover every corner of your outdoor space without much effort. 


Here comes the question. How to choose the one you need among thousands of kinds of garden hose reels? We’ve chosen the 5 best garden hose reels for you. Strongly recommend you to check these out.


1. Best for residential use

The Suncast Sidetracker Garden Hose Reel is your ideal option of gardening tool for a small yard or garden. There is no strict restriction on the location of installation. What’s more, it can be easily removed for seasons when watering jobs are unnecessary. The Suncast Hose Reel comes with a suitable capacity of 125 feet for family use. What will impress you is the retractable guide system that substantially enhances your working efficiency. No more kinked or tangled watering hose on the reel. Taken together, the Suncast Sidetracked has been one of the most popular choices that work well under all kinds of circumstances. 


2. Best for commercial use\

If you are worried about watering a large commercial lawn, yard, or garden, a typical hose reel will only bother you more. The ALEKO Heavy Duty Industrial Hose Reel Cart might be your best choice. Adopting a 400-feet hose, it is molded by an industrial-grade coat finish which is resistant to weather, rust, and corrosion. The special design of wheels helps you to transport the ALEKO Hose Reel Cart outside conveniently and efficiently. In addition, the storage basket is designed for the purpose of space-saving. You can put gardening accessories, like gloves and scissors, in it. To sum up, you will be surprised that how practical and effective the ALEKO Hose Reel Cart is.  



3. Best user-friendly design

The Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel emerges as the most personalized gardening tool. Equipped with a unique rewind system, it automatically retracts and can be locked at any length with little effort. Given two options of hoses, 90 feet of 5/8 inches one and 130 feet of 1/2 inches one, the designer group of Giraffe Tools urges to meet all the necessities of its existence. You can enjoy the convenience which is brought by the 180-degree swivel bracket and 9-pattern hose nozzle since it easily covers every corner of your garden. Last but not least, everything you need is included in such a single product at an affordable price.


4. Best budget

The Yard Butler Wall Mount Hose Hanger is one of the most economical choices for you. It can hold up to 100 feet of 5/8 inches hose, which meets most of your needs. Although it doesn’t have advanced functions, the Yard Butler Wall Mount Hose Hanger eliminates your worries about kinking, tangling, or other damaged conditions with a patented design. Such a classical hose reel is constructed of 12 gauge steel, complementing a full guarantee. Additionally, Yard Butler provides more color options for you. In the consideration of budget, the Yard Butler is definitely the one you need.


5. Best design style

The Liberty Garden Decorative Hose Reel stands out among hose reels with traditional looks. Being mounted on the wall, it will not occupy too much room but significantly increase a beautiful scenery line in your outside places. In addition, the Liberty Garden Decorative Hose Reel is filled with artistic quality as well as utility. With a capacity of 125-feet of 5/8-inch hose, it is constructed of rust-resistant cast aluminum that ensures its durability outdoors for seasons. Plus, the top shelf provides you with extra storage room for gardening accessories. The Liberty one will be your rational option if you are looking for a decorative hose reel to relieve gardening pressure.