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Our quality is worthy of being praised.
     Giraffe Tools is one of the most respected gardening tool brands in the automatic retraction industry. Our spectacular worldwide fame was achieved by quality control and performance testing, as well as the essence of the research and development team’s decades-long experience. Under our strict quality-monitoring framework, all products pass multiple inspection processes which provides consumers more guarantees. In addition to ISO9001:2008 Certification, our products are CE, VDE, GS and UL proved.



For better or nothing.
      In order to adapt to the changing market environment, we value both practicality and innovation in the process of product development. We have several series of products designed for worldwide consumer groups under varied usage scenarios. Taking user experiences into account, we never pursue innovation blindly. Instead, we promise tailor-made and ingenious product designs to make your life easy and convenient, following the principle of the consumer first. 



You can always count on us.
      One of the most crucial philosophies for Giraffe Tools is delivering round-the-clock sincere and professional consumer service. Our consumer service department is dedicated to resolving all concerns, responding to demands, and handling after-sale issues for you as soon as possible. You can contact us through e-mail, Facebook, and Instagram. Our product quality is as important as our consumer service quality.



Our History
      Giraffe Tools has been committed to being the top manufacturer in the field of automatic retraction starting from the year of 1996. Our first large-scale factory was put into use in 2003 with a complete management system and efficient assembly line operation. Through a series of corporation expansions and factory construction, hose reels and hoses have already gone into mass production and distribution. Giraffe tools products are beyond all praise and have quickly taken over the domestic and international markets by the virtue of their superior quality and innovative design. In 2013, Giraffe Tools became the largest exporter of reels and hoses, managing nearly 30 countries. The prosperous development of foreign trade has added vigor and enthusiasm to Giraffe Tools. After that, nothing could stop Giraffe Tools from chasing the dream of being the #1 automatic retraction manufacturer. Giraffe Tools initiated product design optimization to adopt new materials, craftsmanship, and technology to meet consumer needs. While Giraffe Tools has an ever-evolving history, it has stayed true to its philosophy and continued marching forward to be the market leader.