Choose Your Preference
Innovative Convenience Boost

Refreshed Design, Flexible Swivel.

Customizable Angle
Reliable Locking
Stylish Stable Casing
Versatile Room-Saving
Customizable Angle

The 180° rotating bracket combined with a wall-mounted design provides a flexible cleaning experience for every corner.

Reliable Locking

The unique locking mechanism enables multiple fixed rotating angles, ensuring a stable and steady cleaning without any shaking or instability during use.

Stylish Stable Casing

Stylish design perfectly conceals the hose. Heavy-duty polypropylene material casing is highly resistant to pressure, impact, and any climate.

Versatile Room-Saving

The innovative swivel wall-mounted design maximizes storage capabilities. Enjoy clutter-free spaces no matter the size of your area.

Easy Cleaning For Anywhere, Anytime.

Ready To Use

The all-in-one unit eliminates the hassle of assembly steps and the worry of missing parts. You can just turn on the machine and pull out the hose to clean.

Easy To Use

Equipped with 4 different spray nozzles (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) to bring various pressure and water output. You can effortlessly clean every nook, cranny, and stain, experiencing ultra-convenient cleaning.

Auto Organization

You don't have to bend down and tidy up the messy hose after you finish cleaning. Simply give the hose a light pull and it will automatically arrange itself neatly.

Meet All Your Need
Pressure washers
Whatever Stain

It can effectively clean a wide range of surfaces and materials with its various pressure and water flow settings, making it suitable for cleaning vehicles, pavements, buildings, outdoor furniture, etc.

Whichever Corner

Equipped with a 65ft high-pressure hose that is wear-resistant and won't be pierced by sharp objects. With a coverage area of up to 1300 square meters, it can handle any cleaning task with ease.

Inside Our Tech, Explore The Core.

Universal Motor
#1 Rated Retraction

Retract the hose by gently pulling it in the retractable system. Retractable system can wind the hose neatly without the trouble of kinking

Shift-Lock Mechanism

Toggle lock mode with a light pull. The hose automatically locks to prevent tangles and kinks, with no excess length.

Universal Motor

The stronger universal motor provides high speed rotation and high starting torque for guaranteed cleaning power.

Hear It From The Best
Matt Ross

“The new product is more compact with a built-in reel and a swivel feature that allows it to stick straight out from a wall or be turned at a 90-degree angle to reduce its space usage.”


“I like the design of pivots, and the best thing about this thing is that it's ready to go when you need to use it. This retracts perfectly, and 65 feet is plenty of length for this hose for washing a car."