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Air Hose Reels & Air Hoses
Giraffe Tools has a collection of Air Hose Reels & Air Hoses that made an impact in the field of air equipment. It successfully solved issues that consistently plagued consumers. On one hand, traditional air hoses are easily kinked and tangled, just like watering hoses, if there are no hose reels to well organize them. The messy hoses in your outdoor places can be upsetting. In addition, traditional air hoses tend to be fragile, so they are easily damaged without proper protection. On the other hand, most air compressors are heavy and troublesome. Sometimes it is frustrating to move heavy air compressors around. The product research and development department has been actively listening to understand the needs and demands of consumers. Thus, the collection of Air Hose Reels & Air Hoses is designed to make your life more convenient. Please check out our collection of air hose reels and air hoses.
According to Giraffe Tools’ user reports, consumers are most satisfied with the quality of the collection of Air Hose Reels & Air Hoses. Even after years of frequent use, air hose reels and air hoses from Giraffe Tools still work well. Giraffe Tools’ product quality is reliable. Our team strongly insists that your satisfaction is our mutual pursuit.
Air Hose Reels
Giraffe Tools have TA series and AWA series for air hose reels. Check out the product facts in the table below. 
TA Series Air Hose Reel
Giraffe Tools always abide by the “enjoy the convenience” business model and dedicated service. That’s why the TA series has given consumers so many options. You can choose from different hose lengths as well as different parts. The uncluttered and clean design actually contains the elaborate and complicated mechanical principle. First, all TA series air hose reels are equipped with a special auto-rewind system and hose guide. After giving the hose an easy pull, the air hose reel will help you retract your hose quickly and safely, avoiding any tangled or disorganized air hose around the reel. What’s more, with the help of a unique stop helper, the air hose can be locked at any length. The product research and development department at Giraffe Tools also values the quality very much. All of our products strictly comply with ISO 9001, CE and other quality certifications. The steel construction with industrial standard and rust-resistant, powder-coated finish together substantially enhance the service life of the TA series. More importantly, the included air hose is also superior among its competitors in the market, in particular the durability and flexibility. The material of the flexible hybrid polymer hose is abrasion-resistant. It can fit in the environment with a wide range of temperatures from -40°F to 150°F. Please check out our star products.
AWA Series Air Hose Reel
Compared to the TA series air hose reel, the AWA series air hose reel is covered by a polypropylene case that is crack-resistant. Thus, it can last for years in all seasons. It is also much lighter than an air hose reel made of steel. In addition to its durability and lightweight, the product research and development department aims to provide consumers with the most convenient products in the world. You don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of transportation, as it is wall-mounted. Equipped with a 180-degree swivel bracket, the AWA series air hose reel can move horizontally, as to not be limited by its wall-mounted design. It enlarges the working range of the air hose reel by a large extent. Plus, there is a unique auto-rewind system to roll your air hose efficiently, and the spring inside the rewind system ensures a smooth and uninterrupted fluid flow. More importantly, a hose guide is beneficial to a tidy and organized appearance of your hose reel. The hose lock device can lock the hose at any length by a single pull. The most frequent comment we received from consumers was that the product worked as expected. You won't be disappointed with our high-quality product and premium consumer service.
Air Hose
The Giraffe Tools air hose is famous for its no-bubble patent technology, which refers to a stable and strong fluid flow. As for the product quality, the outer and inner layers of the air hose are made of a hybrid polymer. The Giraffe Tools air hose has passed the rigorous examination of burst strength, connection strength, kinking, and abrasion. In addition, its significant flexibility indicates that the air hose is capable to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -60°F to 160°F. We pay attention to the product package, as well. Since hoses are easily damaged during the process of transportation due to careless packaging, Giraffe Tools adds proper padding to protect the hoses in transport. What we are looking forward to is your satisfaction.