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Why should you have your own urban garden?

In recent years, the term Sustainable Development has gained great importance within our society due to the increasing degradation of the environment, bringing to the table concepts and derivative themes such as "food safety", "urban gardens", "composting", "greenhouses", among many other terms and activities that we can participate in to contribute to the social well-being of our generations and future generations. In this article we will talk about having an urban garden at home, its importance, and benefits. Maybe you will be encouraged to have your own!

What is Urban gardens?

Urban gardens are outdoor or indoor spaces for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, legumes, aromatic plants or medicinal herbs, among other varieties. Their scales can be multiple and can exist on the domestic scale, in large and rural spaces, or small and urban ones. Whatever your case, here we will tell you about the advantages and benefits of starting your own urban garden.

The advantages and benefits of starting your own urban garden

-It will help you strengthen family ties through collective work and quality time

If you do this activity as a family, you can strengthen family ties by sharing tasks; from the creation of the orchard, the preparation of the cultivation beds, crop selection, seed planting, irrigation, logbook, composting and other activities that will serve as a complete activity to spend quality time with family, friends and neighbors in your community.

- Quality food

By producing your own food organically, you will be aware of the quality of the food that you and your family consume. The ideal will be to produce food free of the agrochemicals used in the agri-food industry. You can achieve this by feeding your crops with compost and using organic insecticides if necessary.

- Recreational activities

There are multiple scientific articles that have shown how biointensive crops, urban and community gardens are an excellent therapeutic strategy to reduce stress, encourage creativity, reduce aggression in childhood and adolescence, improve sensory functions (touch, smell, visual) among other benefits. Therefore, it offers multiple benefits to our physical and mental health that will improve our quality of life and that of those around us.

-Reduction of ecological footprint

The agricultural sector is one of the most polluting in the country, due to the ecological footprint caused by food importations. This is not counting the enormous environmental damage caused in other countries to satisfy our food demand. So producing our own vegetables, fruits and legumes would reduce our ecological footprint by ceasing to be part of the chain of demand for fossil fuels that are part of this process, fostering our solidarity with the environment and with those who inhabit it.

- Strengthening of the local economy and community ties

Growing our own food in our garden is a fantastic way to foster community ties through food sharing. This leads to a more varied diet of organic foods and builds community ties that drive social welfare and other types of friendly economies with the environment.

There are many more reasons to consider starting your own urban garden project. Undoubtedly having the right tools for them will generate an extremely pleasant, enriching and stress-free experience. At Giraffe Tools you will find optimal gardening tools for any project you have, especially for your gardens and greenhouses. Our Garden Retractable Hose Reel will help you put minimal effort into watering your plants, and its wall-mounted, retractable design will help you to keep everything extremely clean, tidy and accident-free.
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