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The best tips to wash your car like a professional

Whether you are a car lover, a car detailing professional, or simply a responsible owner; It is well known that car washing can be more complicated than is commonly thought. If you want to do things like a professional, there are many important details that may be little known, so in this article, we will share the best tips for washing your car; bring out the Car Detailer you have inside!

Garage vs. Outside

Choosing the place where you will carry out this activity can cause a variation of care; Of course, the ideal thing would be to wash your car in your garage, since this happens in a semi-controlled environment that will facilitate your work. If you do not have this option and you have to wash your car outside, we recommend choosing a day that is not very sunny, or a suitable time when the sun has gone down enough, otherwise, it could dry the soap too quickly and leave unwanted marks that will add extra effort to your task.

Choose the right soap

In the market there are dozens of different brands of soap, choosing the one that works best will depend on your tastes and your budget, however; Remember that making a comparison between different brands is a must, you should especially focus your attention on their lubricity, pH balance, customer ratings and cost-benefit ratio, and of course, review other important properties such as its scent, concentration, foaminess and scratch/stain resistance. Always remember to use special soaps for your car, since using dish soap or laundry detergent could cause great damage to your vehicle.

Microfibers: Your best friends

Car wash enthusiasts often use any cloth on their car, be it for polishing or drying, however, this can cause scratches and mistreat the car paint, as well as generate unwanted textures, so the ideal thing will be to replace them with microfiber towels that are specific to your car, and even have several for different parts of your car. Here are two amazing tips:

-Never forget to remove the label from the microfiber towel, because being of a different material you could scratch your car.

-If a microfiber towel falls to the ground while you are detailing your car, rule out its use for this occasion and remove it from your kit as it will collect dirt from the ground, if you clean your car with the dirty microfiber there could be small pieces of debris that could scratch your car.

Wear Latex Gloves

Not many people talk about this advice, however; If you use different chemicals such as car soap, degreaser, wax, and plastic detailer, among others, you must protect your hands, thus avoiding damage to your health. It will also provide you with a higher level of detail so as not to leave footprints by mistake.

Pressure washer: Will make your life easier

Acquiring a pressure washer is undoubtedly the best investment you can make because it will make all your work easier, especially if it is an ideal model like the ones offered by Giraffe Tools, whether it is its original Grandfalls Pressure Washer, or its different variants; the Plus, Plus+, PRO version or its most recent model; Grandfalls Pressure Washer G20, the level of detail in your washing will be incomparable thanks to all its features.

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Double Cleaning

It might seem like a car wash is all about lathering and rinsing, however; If you want to look like a professional, double cleaning is a must. Do not forget that first, you have to do an initial rinse to be able to eliminate the largest residues of dust, dirt, and insects, then we will do the first soap bath; Always remember to wash the windshields well in this step, rinse again always from top to bottom. The second foam bath is the most important, we recommend that the soap concentration be high so that the foam is thicker and so you can begin to gently scrub your car with the microfiber to remove stuck dirt, after this, you can already rinse freely.

Be patient when drying your car

This is, perhaps, the most tedious step for all car detailers because you have to make sure that it is completely dry so that there are no drops that leave stains. At this point, you could place your favorite speed shine to shine and lubricate your car, use 4 to 6 microfiber towels to dry your car with gentle movements and it will be almost finished.

Shine the wheels

To give it the final touch and pass from amateur to professional, you have to pay attention to details and the final thrust is undoubtedly the shine of the tires. Use a sponge impregnated with your favorite wheel protectant, this will give them even protection against UV rays and leave your wheels clean, protected, and shiny.

Car washing can be a complicated task when you don't know the steps to follow and the right tips, but if you have the right knowledge and tools, it will be an activity that can even become a hobby! Get the best pressure washers at Giraffe Tools that will make the heaviest parts easier.

Show off your car wherever you go, and show off you are Giraffe Tools!