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What's the Ordinary Pressure Washer PSI? A Guide from the Expert

When buying a pressure washer, what matters the most is the PSI of the machine. Initially, I was very confused about the right PSI that would work for my requirements. But after years of experience, now I can finally call myself an expert when choosing the correct PSI for a pressure washer.

Do you also often wonder 'what PSI power washer do I need'? If yes, then keep calm and stay with me until the end to find out the solution!

Here’s what you will learn in this guide:

  • What PSI Washer You Need
  • How to Choose the Right PSI for a Pressure Washer
  • How Much PSI Do I Need to Wash my Car
  • How Much PSI Do I Need to Clean Concrete
  • How Much PSI Do I Need to Clean Patios and Walkways

What PSI Power Washer Do You Need?

The PSI of the power washer depends hugely on how you use the machine. For instance, if you get a pressure washer of 1300 PSI, it will be suitable for car washing. However, using the same machine for driveway cleaning is a bad choice as it requires a much higher PSI of around 3,000.

So whenever you are buying a power washer, the first thing you need to decide is why you need it. Once you have figured out the 'why,' finding out the ideal PSI won't be that difficult. I have discussed a few PSI measures in detail further, but for now, here's a table for you to understand which job requires what level of PSI in a power washer. Have a look: 

Surface PSI
Car washing 1300
Patio furniture 1500
Deck surface 1500
Siding 2,000-3,000 
Driveway 2,000-3,000 
Graffiti removal 3,000-4,000 
Mold & mildew 3,000-4,000 

If you are wondering what is the minimum PSI for pressure washer, then it is usually from 1300 to 1700. People who are using the power washer for light activities can choose the minimum range PSI power washer. However, if you intend to use the machine for a heavy professional job, you will have to opt for the higher-level ones.

Most companies offer pressure washers ranging from 1300 to 4000 PSI. However, the higher PSI ones are more expensive as they can handle heavy works effortlessly. I would recommend you go for the mid-ranged one because they are usually good for both light and heavy tasks. Also, they come at a more affordable price!

How to Choose the Right PSI for a Pressure Washer?

While choosing the PSI of the pressure washer, keep a few things in mind:

  • The power washer's use
  • The features you want in the machine
  • Your budget

If you have these three things sorted, choosing a premium quality pressure washer with a desired PSI will be hassle-free!

How Much PSI Do I Need to Wash my Car?

When washing your vehicle, you should never choose a pressure washer with a very high PSI because that will cause damage to the vehicle. Heavens, I didn't know this before, and it caused much harm to my new car!

But now I finally know the ideal pressure washer PSI for car and mark my words it is not more than 1300 to 1900 PSI. So I would recommend you not to go above 1500 if you are washing a personal car, but if it is a heavy truck, you can go up to 1900, but anything above it is not recommended at all.

Buy a pressure washer that allows you to change the pattern of the flowing water. Always keep it in a fan pattern when washing a car because streams cause much damage to the delicate finish of a car. Use stream only when there is stubborn oil or dirt present in the vehicle. Otherwise, I request you to use the fan mode only!

How Much PSI Do I Need to Clean Concrete?

For cleaning concrete, you will need not more than 2300 to 3000 PSI. If the concrete is made of hard material, then going with the 3000 one will cause no damage. But for the delicate ones, staying below 2700 is a better choice.

Under extreme pressure, water often passes through the concrete and gets collected in the underlayer. You might not realize the damage immediately, but the collected water will start freezing in the winter, and the concrete will eventually get damaged. So choose a pressure washer PSI for concrete very carefully!

How Much PSI Do I Need to Clean Patios and Walkways?

If you plan to clean your patio and walkway with the power washer, you can go for a pressure washer with a 3,000 PSI. To prevent any damage, make sure that you clean the patio using the widest angle tip of the machine. Also, maintain a gap of at least 12 inches between the ground and the washer's nozzle. This will minimize the chances of damage greatly!

I would suggest you clean the area in a sweeping motion and also keep a push broom in hand to spread the water as and when needed. This will make the cleaning process far easier and will also help you finish up the task faster.

Final Thoughts

I hope that by now you know what PSI pressure washer to clean concrete, car, patios, and walkways you should buy. However, if you are confused, you can talk with the power washer seller because they can help you choose the right device within your budget.

If you are a beginner, it is highly suggested that you deal with a pressure washer with a low PSI, around 1500. Using a high PSI washer without any prior experience can get you into trouble. Of course, you can always upgrade your machine once you feel confident enough to use the high PSI washer. But taking the risk as a beginner is not worth it!

Also, beginners should not wash trucks, concretes, pathways, and patios by themselves. You should hire a professional for the job. Many accidents take place every year due to high PSI pressure washers. But I hope you will take my warning seriously and act accordingly!

If you are a professional who regularly deals with pressure washers, I would recommend you not invest in a power washer with a PSI of less than 3,000. Most professional jobs require a high PSI power washer, and hence, buying anything below 3,000 will be a loss in the long run.

So, what PSI power washer do you think will fulfill your requirements? Don't forget to share with me!