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What should I consider before buying a retractable extension cord?

With power tools and equipment everywhere in our daily tasks, extension cords are almost indispensable. But long extension cords often get tangled and are challenging to store. So extension cord reels are a good choice. Anyone familiar with power tools will be familiar with extension cord reels. These incredible devices are perfect for anyone who needs to extend their power to hard-to-reach areas. But, what should you consider when you're buying one?
We will tell you all about cord reels and what they are for.

What is an extension cord?

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An extension cord, as the name suggests, is an extended power cord with a plug on one end and multiple outlets on the other. It helps us to extend power to hard-to-reach areas.
The extension cord reel is an improved version based on the simple extension cord. It is a reel used to hold extension cords for easy access and storage when providing temporary power to devices located some distance from the power source. They protect cords from fraying and damage and help prevent tangles and kinks.
The self-retracting cord reel is equipped with an automatic retracting system on the base of the extension cord reel, making it more convenient and quick to use

Things to consider before buying a cord reel:

Length: Before purchasing an extension cord, we recommend measuring the longest distance you need. The best option will be to purchase a cord reel slightly longer than the measurement obtained before.
Thickness: About the thickness of the wire, or more precisely, the measurement in AWG. As this number increases, the thickness of the cable decreases. Thus, it has the ability to carry a high-voltage power supply. If you're looking for a simple extension cord, any of the high-gauge options will work for you. But for powerful appliances, you'll need a low-gauge retractable extension cord.
Capacity:Not all devices require the same power supply. And every electrical cord reel has a maximum amperage or electrical current limit. You'll need to check the device you need to connect and match it with an extension cord rated for a higher amp rating or AWG rating than that device. To connect multiple devices, measure the overall amp requirements and check that your power cord can handle them simultaneously. This way, you won't overburden the extension cord and will avoid the risk of electrical equipment exploding.
Material of extension cord reel: Cord reels are frequently used in various environments, so a sturdy case is a must. You can buy cord reels with clear plastic, vinyl, or rubber covers to protect them from the weather and reduce wear and tear from friction.
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Giraffe Tools Wall mount Retractable extension cord reel.

 Convenience: Giraffe Tools’ wall mount extension cord retractable reel can retract automatically towards the reel without hassle or tangle, only just giving the cord a slight tug. It is also equipped with a smart lock that will stop anywhere that you want.

Durability: This cord retractable reel consists of a sturdy polypropylene case that is impact resistant. The 40 feet premium commercial SJT cable is also resistant to oil, water, acids, alkalis, UV lights, ozone, kinking, and low temperatures.
Safety : If there is electrical circuit damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit, the built-in circuit breaker will automatically be activated to protect the reel and the operator; this button can also be manually switched to cut off the power as it is needed.
 Sufficient convenience, durability, and safety to make it worth the effort to get rid of cluttered extension cords that are difficult to organize. 
There are three types of retractable extension cord reels on Giraffe Tools' official website:
Extension Cord Reel-12AWG
Extension Cord Reel-14AWG
Extension Cord Reel-16AWG
 Remember to keep in mind the tips previously mentioned to buy the best retractable extension cord reel for you.