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Things You Cannot Pressure Wash

Pressure washers are machines that people value a lot in their house. It can easily clean off every minute dust particle from almost everything. Today's focus of the article is on the 'almost.'

Yes, pressure washing is great, but it is not made for everything. Many people do not realize this and go on to clean whatever they wish. What happens is that they end up destroying their favorite thing, which is heartbreaking, to be honest.

But thankfully, I am here to save you from the doom. I have written this blog to help you know about things you should never pressure wash, even in your worst nightmares.

Are you willing to learn more? If yes, stay hooked!

Electrical Appliances, Meters, and Panels

Water and electricity are the worst companions even when it comes to cleaning. So avoid pressure washing anything that contains electricity, be it the appliances inside your home or the meters placed outside. Some people also pressure wash their air conditioners, which is not a good idea again. It affects the fins of the AC, which shortens the machine's lifespan. Pressure washing electrical meters will not only make cracks in the meter but also exposes you to the high threat of receiving an electric shock, which can be fatal!

Lead Paint

Lead paint contains chemicals that are not safe to breathe. Hence, never pressure wash walls that are painted with lead paints. When you do so, the paint particles get exposed to the air you breathe, which can be harmful. 

Wood Siding

Many expert pressure washers know the right trick for cleaning wood siding with a pressure washer. But are you that experienced with handling the machine? If not, it's better not to take the risk!

Often when people pressure wash wood siding wrongly, water enters the interior of the siding, damaging the electrical wiring and insulation. It also gives rise to mold growth. Not just wood siding, your pressure washer can cause harm to even the vinyl and aluminum siding of your interiors if you use the wrong technique.

Hence, it is recommended that you clean sidings only if you are experienced enough to handle the machine properly. 

Living Things

This goes without saying that you should NEVER direct your pressure washer towards living things, including yourself. A pressure washer is strong enough to pass through muscles and bones. So if your pets are roaming around, please move them to some other area before you start pressure washing. Also, keep the wand a few inches away from your body so that you can clean the area without getting injured. 

Asphalt Shingles

Pressure washing a roof that has asphalt shingles is probably the worst idea. The water pressure will strip away the asphalt shingles and make your roof look miserable. Also, getting up on a ladder and using the pressure washer is very risky and not recommended unless you are an expert. 

Surfaces that You Want to Look Painted Always

You can pressure wash painted areas, but one can never guarantee whether the paint will come off or not; in most cases, it does come out.

Hence, if there is a corner of the house that you want to keep painted, then avoid pressure washing that area. 


Pressure washing wooden furniture should be avoided at all costs. When you pressure wash furniture, it can easily get damaged. There can be holes, wood coming off, and furniture discoloration.

Also, if it contains glass, there is no doubt it will break as soon as the water hits the glass. Even plastic furniture is at a high risk of breaking when cleaned with a pressure washer.


Just like furniture, pressure washing your windows is also not safe. Glass windows will break by the pressure of the water, causing you much headache. You will soon have to replace the window, and trust me; your mere cleaning mission will turn into an expensive affair in no time. 

Yes, people do clean windows with pressure washers, but such people are highly experienced. They use low pressure while cleaning and know the right angle of spraying.

It takes time to gain such expertise, but once you do, you will learn how to clean your windowpanes at home without professional help!


If you clean your gutters with a pressure washer, the fascia of your gutter can get damaged. It can also misplace your gutter from your house and cause a lot of trouble. If you want to clean your gutter without damaging it, you can easily pick up a garden hose and a plumbing snake for the job.

However, it would be best to hire a professional cleaner as they know the best techniques for cleaning a gutter without using high-pressure equipment. 

Anything Broken or Delicate

Lastly, remember that anything broken or delicate must not be cleaned with a pressure washer. The reason is the same- it will damage the thing even more. Often the damage caused by a pressure washer is beyond repair. Even if it is repairable, the costs may be quite high. 

Many people think that they can pressure wash their garden. It is a bad idea! Your garden contains flower pots and plants, I believe, and hence, using your pressure washer around them can damage your pretty garden.

Also, do not use it to clean your patio area because you can end up destroying the patio furniture. 

Final Word

I really hope that this guide helped you learn about things that you should avoid pressure washing no matter what. Even if you do pressure wash them, make sure you are well experienced. Your experience level matters a lot in this field. People with less experience can mess up even when cleaning things that are easy to clean. If you are one of them, please hire a professional.

Learn from them the right way of cleaning, practice it and I am sure you will soon get better. But even then, I cannot assure you that cleaning the things mentioned above will be safe. It is best not to experiment, I would say! 

So how experienced are you with using a pressure washer and what things will you avoid cleaning with this machine? Do not forget to share with me!