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The Difference Between Electric Pressure Washer and a Gas Pressure Washer

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Modern pressure washers aren't just great for washing your car, but you can clean the driveway, garden, and garage as well! These machines spray the water with immense pressure, which makes it important for every car owner to have a good pressure washer.

However, choosing the right pressure washer is daunting because they are available in multiple types. Some say gas-operated washers work well, whereas some believe their electric counterparts are better.

What is better: a gas or electric pressure washer?

I've used both, and here's my verdict in this electric vs. gas pressure washer article. Read on, and choose the right machine that fits your requirements and does the job as you want.

Here’s what we will cover in this article:

  • Why Choose an Electric Pressure Washer
  • Why Choose a Gas Pressure Washer
  • Major Differences between Electric and Gas Pressure Washers

Why Choose an Electric Pressure Washer?

Electric pressure washers are more compact than gas machines because they don't have an engine. There's just a lightweight electric motor that produces decent pressure and pumps the water through the hose.

These pressure washers can generate pressure up to 300 PSI, while some heavy duty electric pressure washers can produce pressure up to 500 PSI.

Electric washers fit the bill if you need something that's economical to use and does not pollute the environment.

Electric Pressure Washer: Pros

They are quiet

They are portable

No harmful gas emissions

They are affordable to operate

Electric Pressure Washer: Cons

They aren’t very durable

It can only be operated around a power outlet

Low pressure

Why Choose a Gas Pressure Washer?

Gas washers have always been the preferred choice among users with commercial requirements. Also, these machines offer immense power and can clean almost anything you want.

A decent gas pressure washer can produce up to 4000 PSI pressure, which is ten times better than the electric machines.

Gas Pressure Washer: Pros

They are powerful

Highly durable and robust body

It can be used anywhere

They make the cleaning job quicker

Gas Pressure Washer: Cons

They release harmful fumes

These pressure washers are loud

Higher operational cost

What's the Difference Between Electric vs. Gas Pressure Washers?

Electric and gas pressure washers do the same job, but there's a massive difference in terms of efficiency and operational cost. Below, I've compared some features of both pressure washers to help you make an informed decision.


Cleaning stubborn stains needs immense pressure, and gas pressure washers come in handy in such situations. You can control the pressure using the dial and use these machines for commercial as well as domestic purposes.

On the other hand, the lower pressure produced by the machine increases the overall cleaning time. You have to spend more time doing the job because of the weak water stream.


The biggest advantage of owning an electric pressure washer is that it's quiet, so your neighbors won't be complaining about it. The motor works silently and is not that loud, even if you use the washer at the highest pressure setting.

Similarly, the biggest downside to using a gas pressure washer is the loud noise that the engine makes. The bigger the engine, the louder the noise will be.


Unlike an electric washer, a gas-powered machine is mostly metal, which makes it robust and sturdy. You don't have to worry about any damages caused to the machine while transporting it.

Around 80% of the body of electric pressure washers are made with plastic. Moreover, there are some flimsy parts such as the pipes and the hose that can get damaged easily.


Manoeuvring an electric pressure washer is a cakewalk since these devices are lightweight. A good pressure washer can be as light as 20 lbs, so you can move it out of the garage and store it back after the job is done.

Moving a gas-powered pressure washer can be a task since these machines can weigh up to 150 lbs. Even the lightest models of gas washers are around 100 lbs, so they are difficult to move without help.

Cost of Operation

An electric pressure washer costs way less than a gas-powered machine. Furthermore, customer can save a lot of money in the long run, as operating these machines is also affordable.

You don't have to worry about the skyrocketing prices of fuel. In addition, you never run out of fuel, so cleaning becomes more convenient.

On the contrary, the cost of operating a gas pressure washer is higher! Also, these machines require more maintenance, which means more expense in the long run.


Electric pressure washers don't emit any harmful gases, as these machines run on electricity. But the gas-powered washers emit carbon monoxide, which is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.


Gas pressure washers are heavier than their electric counterparts, but they’ve got a cutting edge over the electric machines. You don’t need a power outlet to operate a gas pressure washer, which makes them uber portable and convenient.

Furthermore, this makes gas-powered machines a perfect choice for remote areas where electricity issues are permanent.

Soap Tank Capacity

Buyers often don’t consider the soap tank capacity as a major difference, but it makes a huge difference when you start using the pressure washer. As electric washers are lighter, the tank is usually smaller.

On the other hand, gas pressure washers have a bigger soap tank, and you can avert the hassles of refilling after every few washes. Another advantage of these machines is low soap consumption because of the high pressure.

Final Thoughts: Which Type of Pressure Washer Is Best?

In this electric vs. gas pressure washer article, I've covered every important difference you need to know. And now it's time to make a choice. Well, the choice entirely depends on your preference and requirements.

If you are looking to wash your car at home and need something affordable, electric pressure washers are the best choice.

However, if you want to clean your driveway and there are frequent power cuts in your area, you should consider a gas pressure washer.

Make sure to buy a pressure washer that belongs to a decent brand and is backed by a warranty.

Happy cleaning!