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Summer Cleaning Made Easy with Professional Cleaning Tools

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Summertime may be fun, but it brings along a lot of things like dust, dirt, grime, and pests. Of course, it's the perfect time to bust open the windows, but one more thing that awaits you is the cabinet carrying cleaning supplies.

It’s indispensable to clean your house during summer in order to keep every corner spick and span. However, unlike winter cleaning, summer cleaning is a lot of effort. Thus, we are here with some helpful tips you can employ to make your house squeaky clean without getting exhausted.

Summer cleaning is now fun, easy, and quick with the following tips and tricks!

1. Clean Your Cabinets and Windows with a Powerful Vac

When the snow melts, it leaves a lot of stubborn dust behind. Also, you’ll see a lot of grime, especially on the windows around the kitchen.

Take a powerful vacuum cleaner, and clean the windows properly. Pay more attention to the window sills since it's a favorite place for spiders to weave their cobwebs.

Once done, wipe the windows using a damp cloth, and dry them with soft microfiber.

2. Wash the Carpets Using a Pressure Washer

Summertime is the best time to wash carpets, as there is ample sunlight to dry the rugs and place them back on the floor. Cleaning a carpet is not a cakewalk, as they house a lot of dust and may have some hidden surprises for you. 

Take the carpet out, and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Now, use a pressure washer to wash the carpet, and you are good to go. Ensure that the carpet is washable, and go through the wash instructions to know more about how to care for it.

3. Clean the Wooden Floors with a Floor and Rug Cleaner

Exposure to excess heat and dust in these warmer months can take a toll on the wooden floors, so you should clean them frequently. While mopping wooden floors daily is not a good idea, you can at least dust clean them.

Use a floor and rug cleaner to make the floor shine. It would be good if you could polish the floor and leave it for some time, as it creates a thin layer, so the cleaning lasts longer.

4. Scrub the Tiled Surfaces

Tiled surfaces only look beautiful when they are clean, and the summertime is perfect for scrubbing all the tiled surfaces since they dry quickly. Be it the walls of your bathroom, or the area around the swimming pool, you need to scrub the tiles to remove the dirt and grime. 

There are some efficient tile scrubbers available that make the job easier, and you don’t feel tired at all. If there are plenty of tiled surfaces around your house, involve your homies to get the job done quickly.

5. Deep Clean the Appliances

In the summers, you will use the appliances even more. Dirty clothes require more cycles in the washing machine, and those dirty plates need more cleaning in the dishwasher. You need to deep clean all of these appliances in order to prepare them for the job. 

You can even hire professional services if you have no idea about deep cleaning a dishwasher or washing machine. 

6. Dust All Wall Fixtures with a Microfiber Duster

Just like everything around your house, the wall fixtures also need cleaning. The fixtures include wall sconces, lamps, paintings, and other stuff hanging on the walls. Get a microfiber duster and clean the fixtures carefully.

Never wet clean the fixtures, as it may damage them, or there are chances of short circuits. Turn off the power supply when cleaning lamps and sconces for more safety.

7. Employ a Pressure Washer to Wash the Walls and Patio

Apart from washing your car, a pressure washer can do a lot of stuff to keep your home clean. Scrub cleaning the walls and patio will take a lot of time, therefore, using a pressure washer makes sense.

Use a nozzle with a broad tip to spread the stream of water for even cleaning. You can even put shampoo or some other cleaner in the detergent box to clean the walls and patio better.

8. Refresh the Patio Furniture with an Upholstery Cleaner

Summers are perfect for spending evenings on the patio, so cleaning the patio furniture makes a lot of sense. Hover the upholstery cleaner over the furniture to get rid of the dust and dirt. Furthermore, gently scrub the furniture using a soft cloth and a good cleaning product with cardboard boxes specially designed for the furniture material.

Final Thoughts

With the aforementioned cleaning tips, you can keep your home squeaky clean during the summertime. No need to spend hours cleaning the house when you can do it quickly with these tips and the recommended cleaning tools.

Always have your homies around helping you, so you don't get bored and the job gets done on time.