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Pressure Washing Tips You Need to Know

Basic Pressure Washing Tips for Beginners

Proper pressure washing is an art that takes a little time to master. A lot of people buy the cleaning machine but do not know how to use it effectively. In the end, they blame it on the machine! But I am here to tell you that there is always scope for improvement when learning how to use a pressure washer accurately. Are you wondering who can help you improve? None but I!

I have been dealing with pressure washers for a long time now. In these years, I have gathered some awesome tips that make pressure washing super easy even for beginners. I can assure you that by the end of today’s blog, you will have some of the best pressure washing tips in your hand. So why wait? Delve in now!

In this guide, we'll explore …

  • Tips for Using a Pressure Washer Effectively
  • Basic Pressure Washing Tips
  • Using Hose vs. Nozzles for Spraying

Tips for Using a Pressure Washer Effectively

A friend once told me that pressure washing gets easy with time. I thought the same. But then I realized that it never gets easy unless you put in efforts to learn the proper usage. Pressure washing, too, needs your utmost dedication.

To learn how to use a pressure washer effectively, you need to first know about some major pressure washing tips. I have shared them below. Have a look:

The first thing you need to learn is how to store a pressure washer safely. I would recommend you use a fuel stabilizer if you are keeping fuel in it and storing it for months. I like to keep the tank dry because I do not store the machine for long.

Remember, the engine of the pressure washer decides the working capacity. If you invest in a machine with a poor engine, then no matter how hard you try, it won’t give you desired results. Hence, get a pressure washer with a good engine, preferably Honda or a similar brand.

Run the hose for 30 sec before attaching it to the pressure washer. This will help you clean off any dirt or debris from the hose.

You can use plain water for cleaning most areas, especially those without stubborn oils and stains. However, remember that cleaning certain surfaces with plain water is not a great idea. In that case, you use a good quality detergent that can soak in well into the dirt.   

When cleaning the roof, clean from the top to the bottom. Washing in the opposite direction will be a waste of time because then you will have to wash the bottom once again.

The trigger does not control the pressure of the sprayer. To do so, you need to move the sprayer closer or farther, for increasing and decreasing pressure respectively.

Other Basic Pressure Washing Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are totally new to pressure washing, there are a few more basics to remember:

Hold the sprayer 6 inches to a foot away to avoid injuries.

For cleaning higher spots of the roof, use a red sprayer nozzle.

You can also use ladders and extensions to reach heights more easily.

You can even clean windows and garbage can with a pressure washer but make sure you use a low-pressure nozzle.

Do not use high-power nozzles on softwoods. If you do so, the wooden surface can get damaged permanently.

You can use degreaser and cleaner for cleaning barbecue but plain water also works fine. However, plain water is not that effective in removing oil from the grill. 

Cleaning the fence can be a troublesome job if done with plain water. Therefore, detergents are highly recommended for washing a fence.

Likewise, the driveway and garage floor also requires more than just plain water. Use premium quality degreaser and cleaner to remove oil and stains from concrete.

Don’ts of Pressure Washing

I would also like to share a few vital things that you should avoid doing no matter what:

Do not run the pressure washer with the water supply turned off. This will help the pump stay undamaged for years.

Do not let the pressure washer run idle without a trigger. If you do so, the water will get too hot and can ruin the pump. So pull the trigger every two minutes to keep the water cool and prevent damaging the pump.

Do not leave water inside the pressure washer if you are storing it. The water might expand, burst, and destroy the parts of the machine. And as said before, use a stabilizer before storing the machine.

Using Hose vs. Nozzles for Spraying

When using detergent, take an empty container and put the hose and diluted mixture in it. Then spray it using a black nozzle as normal. Well, does this help you save water compared to using a hose? Yes! It is because a hose uses a lot of water and cleans the surfaces using a low-pressure spray. But here, the nozzle uses a little bit of water and blasts it out at high pressure. In addition, the cleaning is also more effective using a nozzle.

Final Word

The tips shared above are nothing hard to follow.  You just need a little bit of practice. However, make sure you do not hurry. If you learn the ways of pressure washing in haste, you might end up hurting yourself. To prevent accidents, ensure you wear safety glasses, gloves, boots, etc. These preventive measures must be taken. Otherwise, you might become prey to fatal pressure washing accidents!

You will get to know more about this wonderful machine after you use it for a while. Soon you will have your own list of tips for your friends who are getting started on pressure washing. I cannot wait for that day! But until then, I hope my tips help you follow the right pressure washing tactics. In case you are unable to follow them properly, you can get in touch with a professional. You can also join pressure washing classes for better learning.

After trying out the pressure washing tips shared today, do let me know which ones you like the most. I am excited to know!