How to Handle Auto-Retractable Hose Issues?

How to Handle Auto-Retractable Hose Issues?

Giraffe Tools' retractable hoses offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency for a multitude of tasks and spaces. However, if you encounter issues with the auto-retractable feature, it can be frustrating. This blog is designed to assist you in understanding common reasons for retraction issues and guide you through effective troubleshooting solutions. By getting acquainted with these aspects, you can ensure your Giraffe Tools retractable hoses deliver optimal performance and longevity.

Why Choose Retractable Hoses?

Automatic retraction is a key feature in modern hose systems, providing users with a seamless and tidy storage solution. This function allows the hose to retract automatically into the unit, ensuring a clutter-free and organized space. Apart from the tidy arrangement, it also reduces risks of tripping down, making it a safer space for you.

Common Issues and Solutions

(1)Hose Gets Stuck

 If the hose gets stuck during retraction, it might be due to uncontrolled fast retraction. Retractable hoses should be held during the retraction process. Therefore, the tube wouldn’t clutter. To prevent such a situation, gently pull the hose completely out and then retract it slowly to ensure an even layout of the hose within the machine.

(2)The hose cannot be locked

It is possibly caused by missing the lock point. Pull or retract the hose a little until you hear the click. Because the distance between lock points and unlock areas is very short, if you pull too quickly, the lock point might be missed.

(3)Hose Cannot be Retracted or Extended

It is possibly caused by hose jam as it retracts unassisted. To free the hose from jam, pull the hose gently until it is fully extended. Then retract the hose properly: hold the hose and keep it retract slowly, until it is fully curled up.

(4)The Hose is Hard to Pull

-Is the hose reel installed at the correct position? If the hose bends too much at the outlet, the hose may rub on the orifice, making it difficult to pull.

-All mounting holes must be fixed to the wall.


If a leakage occurs, please contact our customer service team by sending an email to with your order number and a picture of the issue.

Use Guide for Retractable Hose

(1)How to Lock or Extend the Hose

There are serial locking and non-locking areas in the steel body, and clicks can be heard when passing through the locking areas. Pull out the hose and stop when hearing the “click” sound to lock the hose.

(2)How to Retract or Shorten the Hose

-To unlock the hose, give the hose a small tug until reaching the non-locking area (when not hearing the click) to start retraction.

-To shorten the hose, start retraction and stop when hearing the click.

Hose can only be locked during pulling out process, and cannot be locked during retraction. Always gently retract the hose. If this is not done with caution, the hose reel might get damaged. When walking backwards at a steady speed, the self-segmenting mechanism inserts the hose and weaves neatly into the reel, to ensure that it is free from kinks and tangles.

Mastering the art of handling auto-retractable hose issues is essential for maximizing the efficiency and longevity of your Giraffe Tools retractable hoses. This comprehensive guide has equipped you with insights into common problems and effective troubleshooting solutions. Embrace the simplicity of handling retractable hoses, and let Giraffe Tools elevate your tasks with effortless functionality. If further assistance is needed, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service team at, providing your order number and a photo of the issue for prompt support.