Enjoy Your Summer Break in Your Garden

Enjoy Your Summer Break in Your Garden

Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes one of the most anticipated seasons for the little ones at home... Summer break! This means keeping their minds busy, making great memories with friends and family, and giving them amazing moments while they learn to care for the environment. It doesn't matter if they are your children, nephews, grandchildren, or your little neighbors, bring out your inner child while you take care of your garden!


Summer break is a moment highly anticipated by all of us, it is that magical moment when we reach the middle of the year, the sun gives us a special warmth, and the sunsets seem perfect to enjoy an iced tea in the company of the breeze of a fresh garden, to enjoy this, you need to have a proper garden care routine, although it doesn't matter if you haven't started it yet, this is the ideal time to take care of it creating memories with your loved ones.

  • Clean your garden from any weeds or dry grass that may be present, these can steal nutrients from the plants that you are interested in cultivating, as well as provide a much more pleasant visual aesthetic.
  • Get seeds of your favorite legumes and plants, so you can diversify your family's diet once the cultivation process is complete.
  • Make sure that the work area is free of accidents, loose hoses on the floor are extremely dangerous for anyone, especially for the elderly and children. However, it might result dangerous for adults too, carrying such heavy hoses that can result in severe lumbar damage.
  • Prepare a fun calendar that includes preparation, planting, daily watering, and observation activities, it will be an excellent family activity!



-Gardening club!

By creating a gardening club, you can encourage the little ones at home to be interested in the natural processes that they have surely already learned in class. This club could undoubtedly be a very fun theoretical-practical activity full of learning.

- Agro-photography Club

You will be able to photograph the growth process of your plants together with your little ones and create a wonderful album of unforgettable photographs to always remember, it could even become a tradition and thus you will be able to document not only the growth of your small garden but also the growth of your little children!

-Cooking Club

Learn and cook with your little ones new recipes that include all the products from your garden, it will be extremely healthy and gratifying to have prepared your food with the fruit of all your great work, it is time to diversify your diet and have fun in the process!


To achieve these outdoor activities, you will need to organize certain materials and instruments that facilitate the entire learning process, such as seeds, shovels, buckets, a tape measure, and most importantly... A hose to water the plants!

At Giraffe Tools we have a wide variety of products, and our gardening products are market leaders, which is why we recommend our two best products below:



This hose is designed to be wall-mounted, therefore it will be perfect to save space and leave everything clean and tidy when you finish your tasks, everything you will need is to find the perfect place to mount it on the wall, (or you could mount it on a fence) and connect it to a water source so that the hose can be easily used at any time. It will make your garden accident free, forget about the hoses being all tangled right on the floor, no more risk, no more mess!


Retractable Garden Hose Reels-AW Series
From $132.99

Perfect for large gardens: pre-installed with 78-155ft hose. Work reliably: give the hose a tug, it will rewind automatically with its auto rewind system. No more bending to clean the hose.

Retractable Garden Hose Reels-CW Series
From $124.99 $129.99

Ideal for small gardens: equipped with 65ft hybrid hose. Faster retraction: retract the hose fully in 5 seconds. Retracting the hose quickly will definitely save more time on your work.


Our garden hose reel cart is suitable for use in a variety of environments, such as lawns and hillsides, and will help you reach every corner of your garden. This product will totally help you to avoid mess and accidents due to its design, you can transport your hose effortlessly and simply turn the crank when your job is done, like this; the hose will retract and everything will be neatly stowed and ready for the next use.



Garden Self-Guiding Hose Reel-Stainless Steel-Wall Mounted
From $192.50 $206.99

The best rust-proof material with a labor-saving crank handle.

Garden Self-Guiding Hose Reel Cart-Medium Duty
From $179.99 $199.99

Movable cart is suitable for use in a variety of terrain.

Enjoy your garden in the company of your family, and remember that Giraffe Tool will do the heavy lifting!