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Best Black Friday Deals

Previously, the Black Friday event was thought to take place during a single day, in which customers had to try to plan their purchases during that day as fast as it was possible, missing out on many more offers due to the impossibility of including all their wishes in the purchases of a single day.

We decided to think about the well-being of our customers by extending our Black Friday sale for several more days, offering the best offers and diversifying them so that you can buy all the products that your home deserves!

We thought you might be wondering things like "When do sales start and end?" or "How to decide which product to buy?", for this and other questions, Giraffe Tools is here to help you!


Look at Giraffe Tools’ discounts!

black friday deals

1.The biggest discount on our official website

(1) from Nov. 18, 2022 to Nov.30, 2022.
$75 off, buying $600 or more.
$150 off, buying $1000 or more.

(2) Discount Pricing: 5% Off for all products

(3) Giveaway Offer: For an order under $600,we offer a free splitter with the purchase of a machine

5% price reduction on site-wide products and further reduction can be applied with other offers

Free splitter code: FreeSplitter

2.Celebrating the specific Black Friday

Pressure Washer Pro new arrival discount. ( November25th to November 30th)

Pressure Washer Pro new arrival discount
$599.99  $539.99 

Use discount codes to get great discount: New Arrival Pro

3.Join to our special Giraffe-FlashWeek from 24th to 30th!

18th-24th get a free Metal Hose Splitter 
25th Extension Cord Reel with a $5 off
26th Stainless Steel Hose Reel with a $12 off
27th Hose Reel Bracket with a $3 off
28th Grandfalls Pressure washer with a 10% off
29th Hybrid Garden Hose with a $3 off
30th Retractable Hose Reel-130ft with a $8 off

Use discount codes to get great discount: Giraffe-FlashWeek

We invite you to follow us as ‘Giraffe Tools’ on any social media platform; Our content creators social media scheduler to make there post go live on social media without being backed off by trend, and they have unique discount codes, get a $5off by using the discount code they have for you!

Note: The second item and the third item can be used in combination with one of the first item.

The product you must have!

Knowing about our offers, we believe that you can’t wait to buy some of our products. Although, you surely want to know more about them to decide which one to buy.

Our Wall-mounted all-in-one pressure washer is absolutely a must-have!

Inspired by the automatic retracting hose reel, we apply the automatic retracting system to the pressure washer and created the all-in-one pressure washer. Equipped with a 100ft high-pressure hose, a self-retracting system and smart lock, making it the most practical and efficient pressure washer available.

When you want to use it, you can pull out the hose at any time, cleaning your car or every corner of your yard. Give the hose a gentle tug, and the reel will retract automatically back in.

A wall-mounted pressure washer will take up just a little space and store the entire unit neatly.
Giraffe wall mounted pressure washer is a good helper for your home cleaning.

Giraffe Tools has four types Grandfalls pressure washer in total. But...What are the differences between them?

Usually, the Black Friday sales are the best we see all year so buying products on this season will help you save a lot of money, especially with our fabulous discounts. Some people will spend money impulsively on this day, while some others prepare for it. Giraffe Tools will start its Black Friday season from the 18th to the 30th, giving you plenty of time to prepare your list.
We hope you can have a happy shopping!
-Your friends from Giraffe Tools