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A Brand New Innovation: Advantages of the Pressure Washer Hose Reel

Giraffe Tools is a world-leading supplier of high-quality hose reels and hoses. We offer a variety of products and equipment which are a staple for quality gardening, landscaping, and property maintenance. These include our garden hose reels and hosesair hose reels and hoseselectric pressure washer, and extension cord reels and adapters. We specialize in reliable, efficient, and durable retractable hose reels that make your gardening and cleaning duties easier and more fulfilling to do. Our team of experts will make sure that your hose and reel needs are met.

Our brand innovation is the pressure washer hose reel. This equipment combines the safety and utility of a retractable hose reel with the power and capability of a pressure washer. An exciting piece of technology unavailable anywhere else, this product will help aspiring property owners to build and maintain their dream garage. To know more about the advantages and benefits of the pressure washer hose reel, look below:

Improved Maneuverability

A commonly stated issue among pressure washers is the safety concerns when operating them. As a machine that outputs high-pressure water, this can cause serious harm when the operator using it is inexperienced. Bulky and cumbersome hoses are also an added risk, especially when these hoses are too short for the job. This forces the operator to maneuver into dangerous positions, likely causing injuries. Our pressure washer hose reel solves these issues by introducing improved maneuverability with lengthy hoses that continuously align neatly when retracted. 

Improved Safety

Because pressure washers are mostly powered by electricity, these equipment tend to be operated near or within range of electric outlets or extension cords. Operators that use pressure washers, especially those with shorter hoses, need to be extra careful when using them around connection panels to prevent damaging the outlet or worse, suffering from electrocution. A solution to this is our easy-to-use pressure washer with a lengthy hose reel. Users can now operate safely, away from connection panels.

Wall-Mounted Design Improves Stability and Saves Space

Unlike hand-carried pressure washers, our pressure washer hose reels have the added function of being wall-mounted. This solves any stability issues from handling the heavy and bulky motor used to power the pressure washer. Problems with the equipment tipping over and potentially being damaged are no longer an issue. The wall-mounted design also helps save space by positioning the pressure washer in a secure location which also serves as its storage area.

Solves the Issues of Transportation and Assembly

Wall-mounted pressure washer hose reels only need to be assembled once: affixing it on a wall with brackets and screws and finding a suitable connection panel. Compared to hand-carried pressure washers which need to be assembled every time they are used, our pressure washer hose reels can be used straight away with minimal set-up and considerations. This allows for easier use and fewer transportation issues.

More Organized and Less Hassle

The automatic retractable hose reel system of our pressure washers can easily pull back the length of the hose whenever you use it. This feature is quick and has minimal friction on the hoses, allowing for longer service life. Other pressure washer hoses need to be managed carefully to prevent entanglement; this is something owners shouldn’t worry about, especially when operating high-pressure equipment. 

Improved User Experience

Doing chores and maintenance should be a fulfilling task for property owners. Having to deal with leakages and aggressive splashing from inefficient pressure washers can ruin the experience. The maneuverability provided by our secure and lengthy retractable hose reels will prevent unwanted leaks and ensure that each cleaning duty is an enjoyable and worry-free task for our consumers.