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The PRO is equipped with our independently developed custom TPH springs with a dark gold sheen for better torque performance and less fading.

  • Enjoy a Longer-Lasting Lifetime: The Upgraded Induction Motor makes it less noisy and increases the service life; Total Stop System automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged, saving energy and prolonging the pump's life.
  • Reach Every Cleaning Corner: Equipped with a 100ft ultra-soft high-pressure hose, it makes anywhere easy to clean without snags and cracks.
  • Satisfy Multiple Cleaning Demands: Equipped with 4 different spray nozzles (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) to bring various pressure and water output. The metal gun stick and metal-connector foam cannon produce a thicker foam to improve cleaning efficiency.
  • Save your Energy, Time, and Space: The Auto-Retract and Self-Layering Mechanism make automatic tidy possible. The Wall-Mounted Design and the Self-Storage Feature make your private space cozy and neat.
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Grandfalls Pressure Washer Cover
Grandfalls Pressure Washer Cover

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Grandfalls Pressure Washer Pro

Upgrade To Perfection

All-around upgrade with unique technology and stylish design for a professional cleaning experience. Download the product manual

User-Friendly Design
Flexible Hose
All In One
Wall-Mounted Design

The world's first innovative wall-mounted pressure washer not only saves installation time before use but also saves storage space. One installation facilitates every use.

Flexible Hose

Pre-assembled 100ft hose covers every cleaning corner and the ultra-soft hose will not be punctured by sharp objects.

All In One

We offer a comprehensive pressure washer accessory kit with a metal gun stick and metal-connector foam cannon to produce a thicker foam and improve cleaning efficiency.

Ready To Use

The all-in-one unit eliminates the hassle of assembly steps and the worry of missing parts. You can just turn on the machine and pull out the hose to clean.

Easy To Use

Equipped with 4 different spray nozzles (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) to bring various pressure and water output. You can effortlessly clean every nook, cranny, and stain, experiencing ultra-convenient cleaning.

Auto Organization

You don't have to bend down and tidy up the messy hose after you finish cleaning. Simply give the hose a light pull and it will automatically arrange itself neatly.

Revolutionize Technology
Auto-Retract Tech
Induction Motor
Lower Noise
Smooth Torque
Total Stop System
Hear It From The Best
Big Truck Big RV

This is AWESOME! Giraffe Grandfalls Pressure Washer Pro with 100ft Auto-Retract Hose!

pressure washer
Kaos Riders

NEW Grandfalls Pressure Washer Pro | Best Wall Mounted Pressure Washer of 2022

pressure washer
Mike Life

Giraffe Tools Grandfalls Wall Mounted Pressure Washer Pro

pressure washer
Keep It Dirty Off-Road

Giraffe Tools Grandfall Preassure Washer PRO

pressure washer
Cruiseman's Garage

Grandfalls Pressure Washer Pro Review and Comparison | Giraffe Tools

Beloved By Users

"I am completely and utterly obsessed with this retractable pressure washer. No more tripping over multiple power cords, and hoses! With the flip of a switch, I’m turning on the hose, I’m ready to go within five seconds!"


This grandfalls pressure washer can be mounted on an outdoor wall and is very easy to disassemble. However, we recommend to disassemble it and place it indoors during winter to prolong the life of the product.

The motor is 13.5amp 1800W motor and the max water flow is 2.1GPM.

We are sold the bracket alone, if you need, please contact us.

The product dimensions of the unit itself is as follows: length: 20.5inch, width: 14inch, height: 19.2inch. Notice: this is not include the pressue gun's dimension.

It is M22*14

The retractable pressure hose is 100FT long and when the water come out the water outlet, the pressure will be effected in some extent, but it will not affect the normal pressure of the pressure washer.

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