Giraffetools electirc pressure washer Powerful 10AMP/1400W motor produces 1600PSI/1.28GPM washing force

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Aesthetic Design

Different from traditional power washers, the Giraffe pressure washer values both practicality and aesthetics. The unique soundbox design will be an attractive sight in your outdoor places. The water pressure washer is lightweight and portable. Giraffe Tools aims to design ingenious tools to make your life convenient.

Premium Electric Motor

Among the electric washer industry, the Giraffe pressure washer has better performance in motor efficiency. The German imported electric motor and the precise gear enable the washer to have extremely strong momentum.

Multi-mode Spraying Nozzle

The power washer machine has a multi-mode spraying nozzle to cope with different conditions. 3 practical modes can be regulated and combined randomly. (Direct flow, Fanning spray and Foam spray). The water pressure washer provides you with a strong, fast and intensified cleaning function.

Filtration System

In order to provide you with clean water, the Giraffe pressure washer comes with a stainless thin filter and an industrial mesh to remove the impurities. Combined with the auto-priming device, the whole system benefits from automatic water filtration and purification.

Versatile Functions

The electric power washer is not limited to wash cars. It can handle a variety of cleaning tasks, such as trucks, driveways, gardens, farms, construction sites, and so on. What's more, the two-way auto-priming system gives you another choice to obtain water sources from the auto-priming mode.

Safety First

In the consideration of safety, the High-Pressure Washer is equipped with the total stop system (TSS) that automatically turns off the spraying gun. The micro-switch discharges pressure and controls the pump at the same time. As for children, the Giraffe pressure washer designs the child lock to prevent children from getting injured.