blastoise Tech water-pipes of metal


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  • Short Lifespan: Galvanized steel pipes last about 20 to 50 years before they begin to break down. This lifespan may not seem too short, but it pales in comparison to the lifespans of many other piping materials.
  • Rust: Especially in pipes with a small diameter, rust can build up inside over time. In some cases, the rust can break loose from the inside walls of the pipe and end up mixing with the water as it flows through. This discolors the water.
  • Lead Contamination: If pipes become corroded, lead can leach into the water inside, making it unsafe to drink.
  • Clogs: Over time, mineral build-up inside of galvanized pipes can begin to form clogs that block water flow.
  • Weight: The downside to these pipes being very sturdy is that they are also extremely heavy. This makes them difficult to work with.
  • Vulnerability: When galvanized pipes are damaged, the galvanization on the outside is compromised, which makes the pipe vulnerable to corrosion in a short amount of time.